A Day in the Life

Swollen raisins hide in my oatmeal like pigs hiding from slaughter. The oatmeal was a last resort for slow-cooker breakfast magic. Yeah, it didn’t turn out so well. I ran out of cinnamon which probably would have been a pivotal factor in taste. If nothing the plump raisins are fun to look at!

Last night, I slept really well. Going to bed early has been so enjoyable of recent. My love has a different time zone but his day matches up with my day now. Hurrah! So, I’m seeing him a little more, which I am so thankful for.

This morning I picked up the Good Book again, thank goodness. The Laudate app is such a wonderful app to get my day started with. Today, I read one of my favorites according to Matthew 20:1. The story is about the laborers who work full days as opposed to half days and how the “boss” pays both the same. The last line really resonates with me: “Thus the last will be first, and the first will be last.” This verse is really easy to forget in our hectic lives. I love starting my day with that.

I have a big day at work of refills. Oh joy!

Working has been a huge fulfillment and blessing for me. I now have structured days that aren’t so higgledy-piggedly. I have a responsibility that I have to meet which gives me a lot of respect for what I’m doing. Whatever, kind of work it is I feel that it is pivotal to fulfillment and commendable for the human person to be employed.

In fact, that is one of my favorite things; to hunt for employment. I enjoy finding and helping my friends with new jobs. I have found that networking is essential to finding jobs and direct communication is a must. My mom has taught me that physically going somewhere leaves a much deeper impression than just a phone call or digital application. Though it’s a sound option to venture after a 9-5 job the thrill of finding writing gigs I think is far more exciting!


My dad has greatly influenced my passion for becoming an entrepreneur. He is a fruit and vegetable costermonger and sells everything from canary melons to giant pumpkins. What I love about the family farm is its main draw is its uniqueness. I truly believe that if you have a product that makes an impression on people it will sell. So… my dads an entrepreneur-farmer.


My take on becoming an entrepreneur is quite different than my dads as I want to be a writer. Which in my part of the country some would pity. The pity doesn’t bother me so much as the lack of enthusiasm for the writing business, especially paper newspapers. I have been a freelancer/reporter for the newspaper for roundabouts a year and I’ll tell ya, people who have time to read print newspapers nowadays are few and far between. I also publish to an online newspaper that runs once weekly.

I love this verse!

I love reading as well, which has greatly helped me in achieving my writing feats in blogging and publication. The classics peak my interest as they are classics and I think have human morality and truth wrapped tightly in their yellowed pages. When I look for the gravel in a work meaning the substance the truth of the piece.

I want to write like that someday.  Until then I will weave words into blog posts.




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  1. “The last will be first, and the first will be last.” My experience tells me this is true. Good stuff, Maggie.


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