Eggs & Coffee

Do you like having scrambled eggs and coffee? Maybe you like creamer as well. Have you ever thought about the combination of the two. Today, good readers, I will introduce you to egg coffee. This preparation originally came from Scandinavia. I kid you not egg coffee has the smoothest, deep, almost chocolatey flavor and I think is quite superior to most coffee preparation methods.

You may be thinking that I have lost my marbles or in this case eggs. But the egg plays a pivotal part in clarifying and intensifying the coffee’s flavor.

To begin, grind your beans. In a bowl, a cereal bowl works fine, crack an egg and crush the shell up with the egg.

Next add in the coffee. This should form a cookie dough/brownie mixture.

Hop over to the stove and start boiling the water. Once this has reached a rapid boil drop the coffee mixture in by spoonfuls. By now the coffee is smelly rich with a chocolate-y undertone. Let the mixture boil for up to ten minutes.

Then transfer the coffee to a french press. You should be able to drink the first cup without the filter but adding the filter will be necessary.

Vahla! I have introduced you not to egg coffee. Enjoy a hot cup now šŸ™‚





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