Quiet Muddy Thoughts with Dapples of Sunshine

Hello all, today is labor day. When the entire town is shut down save for the bar downtown. The bar, Pinky’s, is a watering hole for farmers to go and commiserate about failed crops or broken down tractors. Passing on my walk this morning I saw a flock of old pickups parked outside. Circling the block I came to one of my favorite houses, a simple small white house with a small porch and two bright blue chairs. Next, is the mechanic’s shop with a bunch of old Humvees and trucks parked haphazardly outside. I walk the next block in silence as I wonder if the rental I had my eye on is still available. There’ s a sunshine in this little town, it keeps its head above water and everyone helps everyone. The beauty of a small community is that you’re never alone.


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