The Morning Broke: Cleaning Atrocities

This morning broke across me like an egg on a frying pan. I get up at uncanny hours of the morning, generally speaking, I can’t sleep past 7:00 but usually find myself waking around 4:56. Which is kind of a bummer since I generally find myself staying up till 11:00.

I just moved into a rental that is quite cozy. The front has a nice bungalow porch and its a small house great for one person. The porch is lovely… Like right out of a John Wayne movie! Reminds me of the old cowpoke shows I watched as a kid.


It’s nice having your own house, really nice. I’m wanting to buy a house and eventually some acreage, but we’ll see, its kind of one of those “pie-in-the-sky” ideas. ←Where in the world did that juxtaposition come from, anyway?

I decided this morning that I HAD to clean the vents in my rental. Which indeed are quite dirty. So I started with the first vent grimy as can be. And you better bet your bottom dollar that I wore plastic gloves and used all precautions when cleaning the first duct. Uggh. It’s glowering up at me challenging me with its grime!

Hopefully, if I get the air vents cleaned the air will be fresher in my house. I’ve watched tons of videos on cleaning your vents. With videos from using hot water, soap and ammonia to washing in a dishwasher. As far as vent cleaning goes there’s more than one way to skin the cat.

Aside from the whole cleaning shenanigans, I’m looking into 4-year colleges/aid. Which honestly is an uphill battle. My FAFSA has been processed but urggh I’m scrambling to find a way to complete college courses after I’ve been under the knife. Aaaah! That sounds harsh… I mean my arch surgery. I’m hoping that I can round up some scholarships and possibly get a pell grant… We shall see I guess.

Till next time

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