Rumblings of Success

My chair vibrates as the train rumbles on without me. I’m at my dining room table the only table in my house, writing pictures of where I could be. My fingers tremble across the keys as I send in applications to publications across the nation.

Journalism has always been my passion. I love exploring the intricacies of words and composing thoughtful articles about local events. I highlight history with my pen enabling the past to seep through my keys in a vibrant new article. Composing what would seem an epic of my work, however creative but feeble. So with bright lipstick and creative thoughts, I take courage as C.S. Lewis advises.


Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. The reading from Corinthians struck me especially. Very thought-provoking. 1 Corinthians 10:14 really captured my intrigue. The reading is about avoiding idolatry. It summarizes the truth of equality and peace that Jesus seeks for us to share. It calls for our participation in the Loaf, and those that come to this participation are all equal. It questions where we find our strength. It is a beautiful landscape of declarative truth and question.

My bike ride was shorter than yesterday admittedly. There is quite a confusion of traffic in town due to the HIghway 36 sale. Which calls for every citizen to literally air their laundry and push all their antiques and furniture to their yards. Hailing signs that say “Garage Sale Here”, “Food Sale Inside”, “Antique 4 Sale.” It’s quite a bargain haven around here I guess.

From small town livin’ to small journalism conquests. This is where my life path journeys.

Thank you to all my followers who read!









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