Construction of the Mind

The sand pouring churned out its noisy chords as I walked closer to the construction project. I asked the foreman if I could take pictures for an article I was writing. I did and then hurried back to my house to begin the story. Haha, good at the photo but the racket of the sand pourer threw me off from getting the story.

Cement pouring, Courtland

That happens when you have TBI you get overwhelmed by noises. And if you’re like me and struggle with short-term memory loss then you get overwhelmed by the noise and go into a fight-or-flight mode. For me, it’s always flight.

I have learned from my experiences that I get overwhelmed very easily. If things are going to quickly or there’s too much noise, I almost black out. Not a complete blackout but I forget situations if they happen too quickly.

The same goes for multiple conversations. I was in my parent’s kitchen yesterday when we had dinner guests over and I was having a conversation with this lady. While her sister was having another conversation with someone else in the room. The conversation was going well but every few seconds the conversation would just cut out like an uneven connection in a phone line. I just wasn’t able to hear everything she was saying.

Besides that.

God has given us a beautiful day today! The sun peaked against the water tower as I gazed in awe from my bike. I enjoy riding in the early morning when the crickets are still out and the sun is just rising. The frequency of nature is just waking. It’s beautiful chords expending melodies of historical beauty. The daily melody changing every day.

I am feeling especially blessed this morning to be living and breathing and biking! Like Oh my gosh, biking. Almost 18 years ago I was in a coma with a traumatic brain injury, literally life or death. And now I’m biking and living in my own house and living a fairly independent life.

God is good!!


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