Working Out: How and Why I pursue Fitness

I inhaled the humid sticky air as I opened the door to a pitch black morning. It was so early the rooster down the street hadn’t announced his brazen squawk. I gingerly mounted my bike and making sure to set my MapmyRide app on. The sun greeted me as I came into my small town the streets strung out with potholes. I prefer biking around town, away from the “hustle and bustle.”


Glancing quickly over my shoulder I see the many construction sites around town that are underway. Like all things in a small town, everything hinges on perseverance and endurance.  There’s more distance between stores and the people, generally speaking, juggle many different hats. There’s a beautiful simplicity to it though.


Following my bike ride… COFFEEEE!! This morning I was feeling adventurous with my barista skills and added the full enchilada to my coffee filter. All the goodies; cinnamon, cocoa, chili powder. And in the water chamber a good cap full of Mexican vanilla. That adds a delicious zeal to your coffee. To my chagrin, I made 5 cups….!!! Looks like somebody’s gonna be up late tonight. All in all, it was, in my opinion, the creme a creme.


I like the washboard abs workout because it doesn’t put pressure on your feet. Since I have mobility restraints it’s not as intense as a standing or squatting exercise.

Though I am pushing myself to do more of those despite the pain.


What do you gain if there’s no pain?


Working out has changed my life. XHIT has changed my life. I am so happy to have found XHIT on Youtube, as its one of my most frequented videos. The flat stomach workout and the arm workouts are my favorites… and embarrassingly, the Angel Butt Workout is pretty amazing. The links are posted on my blog for you to check out.



Sheepishly I must admit I love this workout.

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