Barista, Coffee Art

Perfk, perfk, perfk, drip, drip, drip…

The coffee pot spits out the rest of its long awaited delivery. Like a messenger cloaked in chocolatey brown, the coffee pot delivers, like an amazon same day delivery. Today’s brew is a little different than usual. The coffee filter nestled inside, like a has a special combination of spices and coffee. Because I started brewing so early, I’m calling this brew, “Up Before the Neighbors” coffee.

Up before the Neighbors Coffee

3 Tsp. Folger’s dark roast

6 sprinkles of cinnamon

1/2 tsp. cocoa

dash of nutmeg

1 tsp. Mexican vanilla

Fill your coffee pot with desired water amount depending on how much coffee you’re making. For me, I usually make 2 cups; so thats 3 Tablespoons to your 2 cups of water. Now you’re ready to fill the coffee filter with desired coffee amount and then sprinkle the 6 shakes of cinnamon, 1/2 tsp. cocoa and a dash of nutmeg.

Sit back and relax.

You, my friend, are in for a good pot of “Up Before the Neighbor’s” coffee.









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