Life is Fine

A salty wash of seasoning wafted through the air as I began my evening. It had been a good day; I made bread and zuppa! Soup. As I munched a sweet potato for lunch I noticed that a hawk was perched on my deck. A hawk in Kansas and it wasn’t a jay hawk! It’s curious what nature brings us when we open our eyes to witness it. It’s evening now and I smell my soup in the slow cooker almost done.

I made a ground turkey chili, with Penzy’s Chicken Spice Mix. It smells absolutely delicious and is making my stomach grumble. Making soup is one of my favorite things to make in my crockpot! Honestly, I take great creative liberties when crafting soup recipes. My step mother says that I have a knack for spice combinations and cooking. Here’s the recipe I made today. I call it Jerky Turkey Soup

Jerky Turky Soup

I can diced tomatoes

4-5 bunches fresh kale

1 clove garlic

1/2 tsp. cumin

1 can mixed vegetables

a handful of sweet potato chunks– cut thinly

1 lb ground turkey

1 tsp. Penzy’s chicken spice mix Chicken spice mix

After putting everything into the pot turn it onto the hottest setting for four hours.

Today packing ensued… EEK! Ha! Starting packing gradually, will make my transition easiest. After my surgery I will be staying elsewhere, just two months away so figured why not?

When I have a packing or cleaning drive it just takes over. I can decimate a room into boxes, SNAP!, just like Mary Poppins, who honestly was my hero growing up. How can you not love a lady who sings about spoonfuls of sugar and carries an umbrella? I quite fancy her, at least.

Have you seen the new Mary Poppins? The new rendition came out, I believe, last year or perhaps the year before, it was quite stellar! Bert’s singing penguins always get me. In my near future when I’m confined to bed for so long I might just take my friends from Mary Poppins’s along for the ride. Lord, knows I’m going to have a lot of time to fill IN BED— ALL DAY….

But, on the bright side, it will finally be fixed and hopefully my gait will return to normal and my hip/back will feel better. Alway’s something to be grateful for!

Till next time, my friends, have a blessed week!


Fighting the Implications of my Traumatic Brain Injury

The cold vent directed above my head spews out air that once I couldn’t breathe. My almost complete recovery from my accident has been a miracle; if not an anomaly.

Merriam-webster defines a traumatic brain injury as:

an acquired brain injury is caused by an external force (as a blow to the head sustained in a motor vehicle accident or fall or shrapnel or a bullet entering through the skull)

A TBI can cage you or it can set you free. My TBI has set me free. Though sometimes I flounder on the surface of striving to do the best I always try to show up and be the best I can be. After my car accident, I struggled a lot with everything from talking to walking to one of my favorite hobbies: baking. I couldn’t do hardly anything. Literally, my hands were tied behind my back.

The struggles are completely real and someday’s its unbearably painful to accept the day. 

I have fought tooth and nail today to accomplish more in my life to succeed with strength in my endeavors, though sometimes utterly failing in my efforts.

Today I did something amazing, I biked 1 1/2 miles this morning, lifted weights for 30 minutes and did something I never thought I’d be able to do…! 100 squats!

Striving to be Better

This honestly was a huge accomplishment for me. I want to see if I can accomplish the 30 day 100 squats challenge. It’s gonna be tough but if I keep my head above water and show discipline to this plan I can succeed. So here it goes!

For everyone who is reading this and has a disability or knows someone who has a TBI know that the struggle is unbearable sometimes. Literally, sometimes it is as if a huge iron is pressing against our skulls. The headaches are unreal sometimes. Brain injuries are no fun. Neither are limitations. Rising above A TBI takes courage. It takes initiative. The initiative to succeed and deny your pain. Granted by no means push yourself too hard. Please do not take this the wrong way. To succeed you must step outside your comfort zone and grip the kite strings of “what-ifs.”

When you have a TBI it will try and cut you down and put up a boundary. I am crossing this boundary follow me.

The strength we still have will surprise you. Together lets be better.

God is good and we can live and succeed!

Love always,


Working Out: How and Why I pursue Fitness

I inhaled the humid sticky air as I opened the door to a pitch black morning. It was so early the rooster down the street hadn’t announced his brazen squawk. I gingerly mounted my bike and making sure to set my MapmyRide app on. The sun greeted me as I came into my small town the streets strung out with potholes. I prefer biking around town, away from the “hustle and bustle.”


Glancing quickly over my shoulder I see the many construction sites around town that are underway. Like all things in a small town, everything hinges on perseverance and endurance.  There’s more distance between stores and the people, generally speaking, juggle many different hats. There’s a beautiful simplicity to it though.


Following my bike ride… COFFEEEE!! This morning I was feeling adventurous with my barista skills and added the full enchilada to my coffee filter. All the goodies; cinnamon, cocoa, chili powder. And in the water chamber a good cap full of Mexican vanilla. That adds a delicious zeal to your coffee. To my chagrin, I made 5 cups….!!! Looks like somebody’s gonna be up late tonight. All in all, it was, in my opinion, the creme a creme.


I like the washboard abs workout because it doesn’t put pressure on your feet. Since I have mobility restraints it’s not as intense as a standing or squatting exercise.

Though I am pushing myself to do more of those despite the pain.


What do you gain if there’s no pain?


Working out has changed my life. XHIT has changed my life. I am so happy to have found XHIT on Youtube, as its one of my most frequented videos. The flat stomach workout and the arm workouts are my favorites… and embarrassingly, the Angel Butt Workout is pretty amazing. The links are posted on my blog for you to check out.



Sheepishly I must admit I love this workout.

Construction of the Mind

The sand pouring churned out its noisy chords as I walked closer to the construction project. I asked the foreman if I could take pictures for an article I was writing. I did and then hurried back to my house to begin the story. Haha, good at the photo but the racket of the sand pourer threw me off from getting the story.

Cement pouring, Courtland

That happens when you have TBI you get overwhelmed by noises. And if you’re like me and struggle with short-term memory loss then you get overwhelmed by the noise and go into a fight-or-flight mode. For me, it’s always flight.

I have learned from my experiences that I get overwhelmed very easily. If things are going to quickly or there’s too much noise, I almost black out. Not a complete blackout but I forget situations if they happen too quickly.

The same goes for multiple conversations. I was in my parent’s kitchen yesterday when we had dinner guests over and I was having a conversation with this lady. While her sister was having another conversation with someone else in the room. The conversation was going well but every few seconds the conversation would just cut out like an uneven connection in a phone line. I just wasn’t able to hear everything she was saying.

Besides that.

God has given us a beautiful day today! The sun peaked against the water tower as I gazed in awe from my bike. I enjoy riding in the early morning when the crickets are still out and the sun is just rising. The frequency of nature is just waking. It’s beautiful chords expending melodies of historical beauty. The daily melody changing every day.

I am feeling especially blessed this morning to be living and breathing and biking! Like Oh my gosh, biking. Almost 18 years ago I was in a coma with a traumatic brain injury, literally life or death. And now I’m biking and living in my own house and living a fairly independent life.

God is good!!


Rumblings of Success

My chair vibrates as the train rumbles on without me. I’m at my dining room table the only table in my house, writing pictures of where I could be. My fingers tremble across the keys as I send in applications to publications across the nation.

Journalism has always been my passion. I love exploring the intricacies of words and composing thoughtful articles about local events. I highlight history with my pen enabling the past to seep through my keys in a vibrant new article. Composing what would seem an epic of my work, however creative but feeble. So with bright lipstick and creative thoughts, I take courage as C.S. Lewis advises.


Today is the Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. The reading from Corinthians struck me especially. Very thought-provoking. 1 Corinthians 10:14 really captured my intrigue. The reading is about avoiding idolatry. It summarizes the truth of equality and peace that Jesus seeks for us to share. It calls for our participation in the Loaf, and those that come to this participation are all equal. It questions where we find our strength. It is a beautiful landscape of declarative truth and question.

My bike ride was shorter than yesterday admittedly. There is quite a confusion of traffic in town due to the HIghway 36 sale. Which calls for every citizen to literally air their laundry and push all their antiques and furniture to their yards. Hailing signs that say “Garage Sale Here”, “Food Sale Inside”, “Antique 4 Sale.” It’s quite a bargain haven around here I guess.

From small town livin’ to small journalism conquests. This is where my life path journeys.

Thank you to all my followers who read!









Steps towards Academic Integrity

The fields of college options are littered with privates, public, online, and on-campus. I’m swimming through the possibilities and there’s so much I barely can lift my head above water for a gasp of air. It will all be worth it in the end though I know. And I have short-term memory loss from my accident, which doesn’t help any.

I’m having trouble sorting things out and thoroughly sifting through options. There’s just so much information and I am easily overwhelmed.


My steps down an uneven path toward academic success 

So to hold myself accountable for steps toward a bachelor’s degree, I’m going to be documenting everything here on my blog. I am no savant in math or science but I have had great success with getting accepted to colleges. I’m good at pitching myself. I’ve always been good at pitching stuff ever since I was 8 years old helping pick and toss cantalope onto a trailer. But that’s another story for another post…

So quick roundup of all the colleges I’ve been accepted to Kansas University, Wichita Area Technical College, Wichita State University, Sterling College, Emporia State University, Green Mountain College, Emerson College, and John Paul II Catholic College. I’ve narrowed down that I would prefer a public college. I can see myself taking online courses, which will actually give me more space to pursue my own activities. College is a bit overwhelming for me as well.

Having a TBI makes it harder to concentrate and harder to memorize information. So online classes are more conducive I’ve found.

I know that I want to go into Journalism. And actually recently after visiting Emporia State University I became intrigued with their online programs. So we’ll see.