“Looo—ve is vwhat bwrings uss togetherr tvoo-day…”

If you’ve seen the movie Princess Bride I’m sure you’re smiling and made even chuckling a little on that line. If you haven’t I can attest that this movie will not only make you laugh but also grip you chair in anticipation.

I would gladly give you a movie overview. However, I “have bigger fish to fry” in this post.

Love. Others. Value. Each other. spells love. Love is the correspondence of human feeling. Recently, I stumbled upon Shakespeare’s Sonnet 116, “Let me not to the Marriage of True Minds”. I love this poem! It is the perfect illustration of what love should exist between us as. Loving others like our humanness requires us to.

Love is contributing our best to the bigger whole of humankind.

I was so blessed to have dinner tonight with one of my most wonderful friends. And we had a smashing good time and a wonderful amount of good laughter, joy, good food and love was spread around the table. We talked about literature, movies, music, war and peace. It was a feast of French Onion soup and a wonderful root vegetable dish.

Having the love of friends is so essential to our beings.

My family gathered last week in celebration to dine on the harvests plenty around our big farmhouse style table. It was so wonderful to be in unity with my family. to share that familial love that I am so fortunate to have.

As Michael Buble sings, “Love is a funny thing, whenever I give it it comes back to me.” This lyric resounds with my post and I hope encourages, you, my dear reader, to love and let love find you this next week.

My dear compassionate readers, I wish you the best in the remainder of this week.

Be human stay kind.