Squats. Coffee and Returns.

The wind rapped across my windows as the darkness woke me. My feet met the synthetic rug with hesitation and my head spun to the door. This morning was a great silent beginning. First on my list were my Bible readings and exercise. This morning the first reading was from Galatians. The reading was about conversion. The reading spoke to me in the sense that I was being called to slow down my life. We need to enjoy life’s beginnings and endings, instead of always seeking new beginnings. Not to say that’s a wrong thing. But to be satisfied with what you have and where you are is truly a treasure. Stop and smell the flowers. After reading my mass readings, I went into downward dog. Then lifted my weights. Ha! Maybe when my boo comes home he’ll be impressed with how many grocery bags I can carry ;). As he easily lifts 160 lbs. Among my exercise session is my 100 squat regimen which is coming along just savvy. I’m on day #13 of 30. Also, in my regimen are planks, normal planks and side planks. I really am hoping I can make my legs stronger before I have them up for 2 months after my surgery!
woman exercising bear body of water

Photo by Nathan Cowley on Pexels.com

My coffee this morning was a French Roast from Farm & Vine. Quite tasty I added 1 tsp. of vanilla to my water. The cup was very satisfactory. Thank you Farm & Vine for your great coffee! I am excited for my arch surgery. I feel like it will open so many new doors to me. The surgery itself is very costly and I am so grateful that I am able to have it. Though it is painful, I am enjoying this waiting– painful period– of my life with gratitude for my future. The blessing of being in a town that welcomes you in, is truly a blessing. So much to be thankful for.

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