Whoo-whoo, hee-hee!

The children in my class after receiving their bananas started imitating monkeys.

Quite a rambunctious group today. We learned a entire book front to back a whole of 6 pages and 12 words. This may seem meager, but in fact, the words were bigger ones and I think it quite on cue for the children to be learning to memorize words. The book was titled “Let’s Learn!”. It was about triangles and rectangles. Using exclamation points and periods… Let me tell you there was some yelling.

Once I got home I had a large cup of tea and did some researching on techniques of teaching children… And admittedly a brownie– not just a small one but a large fudge one. Haha, brownies and biking are kinda my thing. Lol, hand me some more ab workouts and lifting. So, I am a coffee, brownie, and exercise survivor. Haha, more on those later… back to teaching.

girls on desk looking at notebook
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The children become very excited when I am in the classroom. The first day I taught this year, I had a little girl clinging to my shoulder literally all day. Come to find out, she lives on a cow farm and probably has been taught to tackle calves…

At free time, the children enjoy drawing pictures. As a free-spirited imaginative para, I like challenging them to draw animals, which, really brings their imaginations to life. Though admittedly, I drew countless amounts of elephants and dolphins at the drawing table for children to take home to their parents. Elephants and dolphins are pretty tricky to draw.

So after my almost two years of either being a para or a teachers assistant. I have learned a lot about how children think and interpret things. I strongly believe that the Montessori schools have hit the nail on the head for their teaching structure. Learning through play is their medium of teaching. I feel like their approach rings true across the spectrum of early childhood.

This is just a musing.