The Joy of Picking Apples

I can see the train groaning through the fog. It’s wheels sputtering out mist. the cold temperatures lurking on its every wheel. This reminds me somewhat of life. Grumbling and grinding on, now not waiting for passengers. Get on or get off. A strict policy.

Life goes on and those who don’t share it are left out. As one of my favorite poems warns not to measure our lives out in coffee spoons. So, I try and keep mine as full as I can.

Around our parts there was a freeze last night.  My family has some apple orchards, so I figured I might as well glean as many apples off the trees as I could.

I love picking apples!



The picture above I’m picking a Golden Russet apple. One of my favorites! Excellent for making pies or other baked goods and Lord knows I do enjoy baking.

A snippet of what I’ve been up to.

Enjoy your day! 🙂



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