Corn bravely salute as the sharp ice cracks their cobs. The pumpkins are cloaked in an ethereal white, that, despite the likeness of snow, provides some comfort and insulation for this years crop.


The stalks look steadily upward as several shatter in answer to their salute. I think of the stalks and last nights almost instant destruction. And think it is very much like the human condition. We are pressed for time, money, and every notable thing, some of us stand and some of us fall. I’ve learned one important thing that gets me up every morning to fight to make a better life for myself and that is to be thankful for the life I’ve been given.

Whatever I’m struggling with God is on the other side and like those pumpkins God will will give them another chance. He will give the farmer another fresh start. I think of this like Confession. It is an awakening of our spirits to bury our bad habits and start again. Thankfully, a sin might not take a whole year to kick but sometimes it does. Thankfully, our God is very patient.

If life will build you up it can also cut you down like those corn stalks. In correlation to farming, as farm people nothing comes easy, we are at the mercy of God’s good grace. We are called to surrender our financial stability to nature and live with what we are blessed with. It’s a rough and tumble life to be sure but one I have come to greatly respect.