The Dawning; Corn

I cut into a loaf of homemade bread as the dawn broke, like an egg, in a pink haze this morning. Spreading a thick glaze of peach preserves over my slice I contemplated on life. The haze illuminated my windows and made me think of all the blessings I had been given. Given in grace, ¬†like the flower store I used to volunteer at, “Given Grace.” This morning I poured some blueberry flavored coffee into my mug. The morning was crisp and the day held an unknown promise.

This is a picture of a grain pile near my house. I had no idea that corn was such a surplus during this time of year. So, I figured I ought to learn some about it. What do they say, “When in Rome do as the Romans do.” So here’s the article that I wrote about the corn harvest this year. I have yet to add an interview from a corn farmer as corn farming is a completely foreign concept to me. So please give it a read and tell me what you think, positive comments, please.

Corn Harvest:


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