Falling to Daughter Zion

          The chill of The Fall filled the air that whispered past Clair’s feet…

as she soared upward into the bright blue sky. She thought she had been on a swing but now it seemed she was flying. Once, she had read a book about Peter Pan flying through the night sky. But this was daytime; she could see the pointed charcoal roofs below her and the older red tile roofs. Now, she became quite sure, she was flying, soaring high above the clouds. The eclipse of the sun fast fading on her outstretched arms.

Where was she going, though?

Then a sharp fear surged through her as she swooped into a mass of dark thunder clouds. The inundating question, rang across her mind.

Where was she going? Where was her family?

The last thing she could remember hearing was a sharp click, a warm hand over her mouth and seeing the glistening mahogany floor, falling quickly towards her then evaporating into the sky. But that didn’t make any sense how could a person evaporate into the sky? Then it struck her, a giant lightning rod of realization struck her, as the rain began to pummel her back and the air grew colder.

She had died that day.

This realization struck her hard, like a rock and caused her mind to whirl. She thought of her past, her family and the little red stucco roof at home, she was sure by now it was probably breakfast time.

Were her brothers safe? She hoped her parents had returned safely to the house.

Clair was sad to think of them finding her. Who had left her body so slumped on that mahogany floor?

With the grief that encased her heart, the rain began to drip slowly and then pour and pour and pour, heavy drops like those of angel’s tears.

The bright eclipse of the moon held an unearthly blaze and though she realized she was no longer mortal, she, whether it be just from routine or from actual sleepiness, was becoming quite weary.

It is quite a shock to realize that you are no longer human.

She had no bed, where had it gone? Oh, it must be still on earth. But where shall I sleep? I will just have to settle on one of these clouds, that lie puffed like dragon’s smoke.

Shortly, she fell into a deep slumber there, in the air, floating above every man-made structure, above the fear and earthly grievances she once held. It was a silent rest, filled with beautiful dreams of prancing centaurs and giant winged phoenixes that swept majestically by her. Transgressed by these majestic creatures she fell into a much deeper sleep assured that everything was pleasant and she was surely going somewhere very good. As she fell into this maze of glory she was sharply awoken by Leopold’s dancing and thrusting their pointed spears. The spears pricked her delicate body that had become pasty-white translucent with the cloud cover.

Where was she now and where was she headed? Was this a transitory place or permanent?

The drizzle continued, leaving her body, which had become amassed in thick heavy clouds that smeared the bright blue of the sky like frosting on the cupcakes her grandmother had made for her last birthday of quinceanera anos. Her grandmother still spoke fluent Spanish and the language was used as the primary language in their Mexican household of five. Her mother and father were both actors in Los Angeles. They would often play pivotal roles in some of the biggest productions. Her mother Eloisa Marie, had been to dinner with her father that night and she vaguely remembered the last notes of farewell from her parents.

    “Goodbye dear, we’ll be home soon, make sure your brothers get to sleep on time.”

They had gone to bed on time that night with little resistance, thank goodness! Emanuel Luis, the eldest, had had a soccer game earlier that day and clearly had been exhausted upon his arrival home. He was a strong soccer goalie and proud of his Mexican heritage. Being the oldest he was very mature and intelligent. Her other two younger brothers were Javier “Raef” Raphael and Carlos Michael, both of which were still in elementary. They enjoyed picking up sticks in the backyard and crafting ships and would play pirates on deck. One of their favorite scenes to depict on the ships was marooning. They had very active imaginations. All in all their family was quite close knit, everybody looked out for each other.

Now, before her, or was it through her, she could not tell, she was sure that she had become something of a transparent being. Clouds enveloped her and unable to see anything clearly, the winds came faster and faster, spinning and thrusting her amid the clouds.

A fragment of her elderly grandmothers knowledge surfaced in her a memory of a place called Purgatory. She recalled her family praying for “the faithful souls departed” at the beginning of their rosaries. This was a place that mortals went before their purification to Heaven.

Then ahead she saw clouds with a dark violet lining permeated with a shocking inca blue color, that she remembered from a tapestry at her home. The clouds, had become ethereal with the bright light illuminating the far west.

Though it didn’t appear that there were any directions up here.

In these clouds, that were clearly a much different shade than the others, rose a stunningly miraculous crowned lady robed in violet shimmering skirts and cloaked in a gypsy teal colored robe flowing down to the clouds below. There Clair glimpsed the shining moon and looked farther down to see a child, arms thrust out as if spread in welcome.

Shadowed with a veil of silk moonlight she witnessed an aura of clarity and withdrawal from fear condensed by holy joy. The breath of angels with took her and shots of comets shawled the heights of clouds which appeared like blackened cotton.  Clair was captured by a light of mercy and grace.

This was the Daughter of Zion. Clair saw this and was filled with joy.

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