My favorite college class: Anthropology

As the bones clinked together on the table I knew this was my favorite class. My wizened anthropology professor walked to the front of the room and carefully opened a tattered book and started telling of the safari he’d been on in African safari while studying ancient peoples and cultures. The book had been givenContinue reading “My favorite college class: Anthropology”

Traps and Coffee

The cold wind hit my Columbia jacket with a gust of unknown excitement as I circled wire into a double loop. Hint. hint. hasenpfeffer… I’m always up for a challenge. And when my dad doubted my idea of trapping rabbits I had a challenge. So I watched a couple videos on Youtube about making rabbitContinue reading “Traps and Coffee”

Birthday Wishes

Dear followers, thank you so much for your patronage to my site. With my birthday approaching I have began a fundraiser that I am running. Please check it out and if you so find it in your heart please donate to this cause. Traumatic Brain injury Thank you for your continued reading. Let your lightContinue reading “Birthday Wishes”

Sweet Potato, Black Bean and Cumin Tacos

As I crunched into the crunchy cucumber I taste a mix of cumin and paprika. Tonight I had tacos. Taco Friday; I think tacos should be celebrated on more than Tuesday 😉 Here’s my tasty taco recipe: 2 tacos splash of olive oil  1 sweet potatoes black beans dash cumin dash paprika dash salt &Continue reading “Sweet Potato, Black Bean and Cumin Tacos”

In with Anesthesia Out with Flat

“Well, it looks as if we have a date!” My doctor proudly exclaimed as he entered the room. Sitting on his spinning stool he was very good at holding a poker face.  He then described what anesthesia he’d use and about the post-op medications and how I should keep my foot elevated. Oh lord, helpContinue reading “In with Anesthesia Out with Flat”