pudding has been my day.

Let me explain.

The smell of fresh lemons wafted through the kitchen as I waited for my lemon chiffon cake to finish cooking. So sweet with just the right amount of kick and sugar to level out the sweetness. 

A chipped Hiawatha Savings Company mug oozes chocolatey pudding as I finish up another round of dishes. My brother ate my lunch… sooo, the homemade chocolate pudding I’d made for dessert became lunch. The pudding I had just finished, was still hot. Eating it is hot is not as good as chilled but at the time it did the trick. Baking brings me to sanity again, honestly. I feel like this morning I was dangerously close to binge-watching my favorite series; Outlander. This morning, turned into a rather productive one, surprisingly, though. Besides making pudding I am in the process of making mint tea, ships well, hopefully. Definitely a good addition for my care packages & letters. 

My morning began with pudding ended in pudding and now I feel like pudding. Morose.

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