Broken Dishes and Scattered Thoughts

C.S. Lewis-quote
The cold winds shuddered against the solid brick of the house as the grasses quiver. It’s cold and I’m having the biggest impulse to just cuddle down with a book or finish my Prime series. But, that’s not very productive. So, I’m making homemade mint tea and trying to resize a pair of jeans. Resizing jeans honestly is a pain in the arse… literally. The jeans are steadily becoming, I fear, potholders or possibly and apron. Resizing is a bit past my experience level, I think. Anyway, feeling drastically lonely, like a broken dish scattered across the floor, this morning. But hope and creativity will see me through it, God-willing. I’m slowly eeking out a letter to my love, far-far away. Which, thinking of him, honestly sometimes makes me want to binge watch Outlander. Haha, lol jk. I’m sure in the coming months after my surgery there will be plenty of time for that. Letters keep me somewhat balanced though, honestly. I have an entire book of partially written drafts of love letters. Some are so sweet to him and some are reminders of sweet memories for me. I submitted a short story to a publication this morning that, fingers crossed, may get me published, hopefully.  

Published by Maggie Kuhn

Roman Catholic TBI survivor, florist, ebook author, inspired to encourage others through my writing. -Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars.

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