Morning #27

The sun hides on its blackened head, still toying with the idea of time change. I look at the grandfather clock in the corner as it chimes 6 O’Clock. The house is silent. I’m alone the pitch black windows hold a singular helplessness. 

As I scroll through countless job quizzes; I’ve found the Princeton review to be a pretty sound quiz. Loyola has a good quiz as well. I am strongly drawn towards a bilingual/creative writing career.  I am currently semi-fluent in Spanish and aspiring to learn Breton. Breton interests me because I my recent intense fascination with Scotland… Outlander got to me for sure.

Like being a journalist but with a little more adventure. This would also require two more years of college; which I enjoy. Volunteering for a year might be a good option too. If events in my life, a.k.a. my car accident hadn’t conspired against me and my foot I could join the military, but alas, Que sera, sera.

I would, after my surgery, in my time on earth like to travel

Here are some places I’d like to go:

*Inverness, Scotland- Rugged beauty and can I just say YESSSSSS!!!

*Lauterbrunnen (beautiful glacial trough located in Switzerland)- Swiss*

*Inishbofin- Gaelic Island

*Montpelier, Vermont

*Dead Horse Alaska


*El Bonito, Brazil

—–Well, all for naught I suppose. 

Finding a career/location is a pain in the neck. And I suppose I’ll just settle down in the end. Such is life.

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