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The snow is a drifting terribly tall and chill outside cause your noses to run. The winds a howling’ as the coyotes howl out their love songs. The deep and dreary winter is closing in soon to have the prairie in a death grip. Winter, as my dad puts it, is the time for “underachieving.” it is definitely a fine time to “huddle down in the wood shavings” and curl up with a good book. That’s a colloquial way we say stay inside warm in front of the fire with a book. Or another is, “It’s a good day to stay inside and leave the buffalo alone.” Language and colloquial sayings are dying and I have been so blessed to have grown up learning them.

Which, I daresay I will be doing quite a lot more reading this winter as my surgery will take its toll. But! On the sunny side I have compiled a goal sheet of 20 books that I hope to finish. As I err on the of Classics side of the bookshelf, I do believe I can hopefully read a couple.

Here are some I hope to read:

Inverno, Dante

As I Lay Dying, Hemingway

Notes from the Underground

I made a delicious meal tonight of spaghetti and meatballs; quite topical if I say so myself!
All the spices I used were dried though I definitely recommend using fresh if you have them. I decided to use up the turkey burgers we already had to clear out some space in the fridge.

1 can tomato sauce

1/2 onion

Olive oil




Salt & pepper

Garlic powder (definitely use garlic cloves if you have ’em)

Turkey burgers

mozzarella cheese (I used fresh)

Drizzle the olive oil in the pan, set on medium-high, and chop the onion sliding into the hot oil. Sauté. Add the spices and let cook for 5 minutes making sure they flavors meld. Break up your turkey burgers and add to sauce, stirring with a spatula to coat with sauce. Then lay in slices of fresh mozzarella cheese cook for another 5 minutes. Then viola! You have a tasty spaghetti and turkey dish!

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