The Fire of Red Birds Imagination

As my pen’s ink shot across the page in freehand the fire before me blazed. Seems as if the fire was also alight in my imagination as I churned out the words of my first short story. This time of recovery has greatly encouraged me to publish two books on Amazon. Which, God-willing will fair decently come debut day. Lord knows I have whittled away at those stories for a mighty long time. It takes a good long time to write. I do believe I will publish more, as I feel it’s my calling. My books, “A Close Call” and “Falling to Daughter Zion”, will debut on December 25, 2018. Please check them out on Amazon Kindle.

I’ve been watching The Beginning of Z and it’s quite amazing that Scott Fitzgerald created such phenomenal pieces of literature. Not that I’m completely gung-ho about Fitzgerald’s books they are a literary masterpiece, I believe. I’m not going to judge character because that’s not fair.

Today I saw a red bird out of the only window within sight of my bed. Seeing it made me so happy as if it was the carrier of new hope for this changed life I so dramatically stepped into… Or hobbled into, rather. But gettin’ hurt just means you’ll come out stronger. I feel stronger… though weak. That red bird did that for me. It’s funny how something so simple as nature can encourage you through dark times. Like a resplendent fire burning throughout this seemingly endless winter of suffering.

I am very blessed to have a safe place to stay while I’m recovering. God is good and life is a blessing. Let positivity shimmer through your life and begin every day anew.

When You Feel like Exploding

My mind is a war field it seems. I’m sure others can commiserate with me on this. Torn between pain and remission it seems. The pain came from the sutures and staples taken out of my foot today. It was a sharp cutting pain that hasn’t gone away. If it wasn’t enough pain to have the sutures and staples yanked out, just seeing my foot was enough to make me dizzy and somewhat faint. My foot though completely bloated was bunion free.  After seeing that my mind went numb I just can’t put emotion on how I felt… thankful? Definitely. shock? Especially. utter grief? Indubitably. Maybe, what I feel about it is just a mixture of those. I’m very thankful that I may have a real chance at an active life after this with fewer limitations.

After my painful encounter with tweezers and other doctors tools for taking my sutures and staples out my foot was wrapped again in gauze and cast. It’s blue. Which apparently is cheerful, but honestly, I don’t think if it was rainbow it would make me cheerful to be hauling my leg around in 5 extra pounds of cast and gauze. Just my opinion.

When he did put the cast on to cement it he used hot water. Which let me tell you, burned somethin’ fierce on my leg.

I slept 8 hours today. That’s crazy. I never sleep that much. I think the shock and on the way home pain caused me to be such a lazy bone. I did stay up till midnight reading so that might explain part of it. And I didn’t have any coffee today. Traveling and pain really wears a girl out though.

Well, for now, my friends keep your chin up and look toward a brighter future. Short-term sacrifice for a long-term gain.


It Works Keto Coffee

It Works Keto Coffee seems to have become quite the novelty of recent. The keto diet concentrates on consuming more collagens. I, in fact, know a splash about collagens myself. Collagens are the building blocks of quick fat loss. Here is a video about collagens that I found on youtube.

Buy here: ItWorks Keto Coffee

In previous years I have sold ITWORKS wraps and supplements. The wraps did wonders for a lot of my customers including myself. I noticed increased tension and muscle across my ab and targeted area. This supplement also increased my energy and focus, try this for increased focus: Greens Berry Blend. I drank this daily and noticed increased concentration throughout the day making it easy for me to keep up with my college coursework at the time. And they have these fancy bottles that make preparing your drink not only nutritious but also fun! Fun ItWorks Bottles! So you can Shake, shake, shake… Shake, shake, shake… shake your booty.

Also, ITWORKS is featuring a new product, CollagenWorks, which can be found on the Itworks website: CollagenWorks

There’s also the option of bullet-proof coffee that uses grass-fed butter, collagen protein and MCT oil. Here’s a video on that. Here are the ingredients she uses. Also her blog is super chic: made mom blog

1 cup coffee

1-2 T grassfed butter

1 cinnamon

vanilla stevia sweetener

MCT oil

Collagen protein

This is a cool option for making protein rich coffee as well. And I have to agree with her on her choice of using a Keurig. Gotta say, I was pretty bummed when ours pooped out after 3 years of heavy use. I would say Keurigs are a good investment if your single.

When it comes to hardcore coffee preparation I like to use a pour-over BODUM pour-over 8 cup coffee maker. Here’s what I’d recommend: BODUM pour-over reusable filter This makes a brew that’ll wake ya up for sure!

I’m also very fond of the French Press method of brewing that I also bought from BODUM. This makes a pretty smooth cup of coffee which you can add spices and extracts to.

If you’re craving the smoothest cup of coffee you’ve ever had, I would definitely recommend the simplest preparation method, Cowboy coffee. Cowboy coffee preparation uses nothing more than a pan, spoon, water and coffee grounds. If you want’er put some real cowboy in ther’ you can even wear a cowboy hat! One of my favorites is here: Favorite Cowgirl Hat

So keep your hat on and drink Collagen because ITWORKS!


Powdered Sweet Memories

The heat of the logs lit into sparks on the wood as you cracked to rocks together. Before long we had a roaring fire as you prepared the tarp into a lean-to tent.

The night sky was black a pitch and the stars shown like diamonds. The campfire smoke obscuring Orion like a wedding veil.

As the night grew long we listened to nature’s chorus and the cicadas long droning on as if the night were endless. Some things are endless I suppose. At least that’s what we felt on that night like our love was endless.

Doors off

Riding with the doors off

We had forgotten a blanket. Haha, totally think that was planned… Anyway, we cuddled down together beside the heat of that flickering fire. And talked about our lives and childhoods for hours it seemed. So different yet so similar.

Then you surprised me with Bedouin tea that you made over the fire in a metal pot we’d bought at the thrift store. You had purchased all the ingredients. Within minutes wafts of smoky cinnamon, hot cardamon and anise floated up and covered me. we had picked out funny mugs at the thrift store too! I had opted for a mason jar. I guess the tea was good and hot like its preparer…

The moon reflecting over the lake sparkled enchantingly. Reflecting the moon as if it knew its every curve.

A beautiful reflection of life.

I believe that such as the water knows the moon so do we humans choose who we know as our moon.


blue universe

Photo by Felix Mittermeier on


Now I sit in the window regaining my health after surgery gazing longingly at the moon.

                            Hoping, wishing for your safety and your sweet return with me under the moon and the stars that give me hope.

Dinner Party Seen from Afar

Eeeeee!! rang out across the dining room where all the guests sat. My foot erects I shift in bed to see the commotion going on. The noise coming from our youngest guest sweet Virginia with her glowing red cheeks like red apples. Soon the guests are assembled in my “bedroom” chattering about how their babies are growing into children.
I cannot believe how much they’ve grown either! Isn’t it a beautiful thing to see children grow.




Children at my preschool



“Children make your life important.”
-Erma Bombeck

Jamima shared with me about her daycare and about her next vacation. I enjoy so much listening to Jamima. I shared with her about my latest scarf knitting conquest and about my next blanket project.


The table was arranged beautifully, thanks to my lovely caring step-mother. Who is my current care-taker, God Bless her! The table is covered with a beautiful golden tablecloth shimmering in the darkness of the night. The porcelain plates are a beautiful white their simplicity stolen by their golden rim that shine against the fluted wine glasses.

Vivaldi’s Spring invigorated the house with a burst of triumphant violin staccato. Two high chairs full and a busy loud dining room is such a wonderful delight.

Wonderful smells wafted from the outside porch as my father brought in a plate of succulent steaks. As I cut into my steak the atmosphere of the room changed as the dessert was revealed. A beautiful three-layered rum spice egg-nog cake appeared. Its decadent layers buttered with a cloak of light whip cream swirled in layers never-ending white.

Food and friends made this party a complete wonder.

What a splendid thing unity is!

Lace, Coffee and Hope for a Bright Future

As I scrolled through the registry of tartans, I glanced across mine a simple green and red, my family tartan, which I’m so proud to hold. My hot cup of coffee in one hand and hours of bedrest ahead of me I had taken on the task of learning the language Scottish-Gaelic and literally engrossing myself in all things Scotland. I do so hope to go there in this coming year, God-willing.

The lace I have is on a book mark that has been passed down through generations of Scots. I daresay I cannot imagine what the lace has seen with its many eyes. So delicately woven in such a perfect pattern. Resembling a fine Scottish heirloom perhaps even made Clan MacMaster Tartanwoven before the Rising at Culloden.

How exciting it would be for me to uncover a lost ancestor!!

In fact, I was so consumed with this possibility that I went and bought an Ancestry kit! I’m going to have such fun uncovering my genealogy. At least that will keep me occupied for awhile… Which with this whole bedrest thing is proving more and more taxing.

Ah Reverie, My Dear Friend

Blood dripped out of my cast into a little pool. Good lord, the pain is sometimes unbearable. Though I do bear it readily, bravely, I hope. There is A letter returned in the mail I had sent a week ago. 😦 Alack!My dearest hasn’t gotten a letter in quite some time. And I daresay I have missed the Christmas mailing date. I do hope he understands. Before entering the surgery I had made my soul clean again in the white light of confession. My soul cleaned again.

I have a bit of a fog about me since my surgery which justly has put me in odd spirits. I’m not looking forward to the rest of my time in bed that regrettably will be 6 weeks at least.

So I find myself in a quiet reverie where I await this fog to be lifted. Though sometimes it does seem as if the fog, as Sandburg wrote, is creeping in “on little cat feet” :). The pain after four days has decreased greatly, to my surprise and joy. I have been eating soups and cake, brownies and hot cocoa. Quite a lovely combination I think :). Not the healthiest but I do say it has proven a distraction from my severe pain.

I now have a cast stretching from my toes to my knee. That has quite mummified my leg. My foot is wrapped up like a swaddled baby. Literally the size of a small one. The doctor certainly did a fine job in wrapping my foot. I later found out my doctor is Scottish, which was quite a comfort as I sat in the waiting room, IV in being assured of a quick surgery. Oh Lord, I was feverishly scared. The anesthetist was very friendly and quite comical which also helped in my time of peril. As I quietly cried.

After my surgery, which due to the anesthesia, seemed like a blink of an eye. I awoke crying his name, my love. Crying out for him across the din of beeps and hospital lights. The nurses giving away kind smiles to shell-shocked patients. And the worried looks of those yet to be operated on. Everything was too much, I had been here before. I knew there worries, how could I ever forget the worry that had so heavily plagued my thoughts long ago.

As the nurse eased the IV out of my arm. I wondered would I recover? One can only hope. I will recover and strive as one can only do in this life.

I am already recovered sin so what is there to fear?

Animo forti animo