Bom dia, cafe por favor

To know a second language is to enter another world. 


My morning began with coffee, faux apple pie oatmeal, and some hard-core Portuguese lesson.

So, for all my lovely oatmeal connoisseurs.

Date Inspired Apple Pie Oatmeal:

1/2 c. oatmeal

1 c. water

dash salt

1/2 chopped apple (I used Gala, but any other sweet apple would do)

5 dates

handful walnuts


First set a pot of 1 cup water with a dash of salt on the stove. Once this comes to a boil, follow usual oatmeal procedure, add 1/2 c. oatmeal. Boil, till desired thickness. Add chopped apple, diced dates, chopped toasted walnuts, honey, and spices.


What a rip-roaring beginning to an amazing day!

First, an amazing bowl of oatmeal, let’s be honest, any bowl of oatmeal with toasted walnuts is quite the coup de grace, in my opinion. Besides, I admit, I’m a little bit of an oatmeal fanatic.

Now, vamos estudar!

I became interested in learning Portuguese in college when I was good friends with several Portuguese exchange students and the mostly Brazillian soccer team. It was an amazingly exciting time in my life! Growing up around Spanish speakers it’s easier for me to understand Portuguese. Both Portuguese and Spanish are romantic languages I’d say it’s pretty easy to figure out grammatically and I’m learning the sounds.

The way that I learn languages best is by communication and repetition. I know this to be true of a lot of language learners as well. I will share with you some ways I am learning languages.

One of my solemn favorites is Duolingo, which is available online and as an app. A solid first for conversation is Babble, a free online conversation platform with tons of different languages learners and natives ready to exchange languages. Listening to languages also helps a lot. Coincidentally, Spotify has a lot of resources for learning languages! Currently, I’m listening to “Learning Portuguese with Bruno and Thieme.” Which is a great conversational way to learn a language.

eventually I would very much like to have a real conversation with a Portuguese speaker.

But until then my friends I will just practice. And write for my real job–the newspaper.

So, as always, friends,

Bom dia



How Not to Make Coffee-

My trials began at 6:01 am, in making Ethiopian coffee started today as I wrangled a ginger root. This darned Ethiopian coffee has me by the neck, I’m telling you!  After slicing a nickel sized sliced of ginger I gingerly dropped it into my pot of boiling water and coffee grounds. Previously, I had added 1 tsp. cinnamon and 1 T cocoa powder. I prefer Dutch cocoa powder, the dark the better! Bringing this all to a rolling boil, I noticed the lights were off. Quite like me, the baker/coffeemaker to instinctively get up and start my morning in the dark. Not a problem as long as everything is in it’s place! As long as I don’t step on that nail. Ha!

Before I begin my coffee recipe let me enliven you with some interesting coffee facts!

*Coffee originated in Ethiopia and spread throughout Arabia to the rest of the world.

the coffee shrub that is dark green has bright red berries.

*In fact, the word coffee is derived from the Kaffa, the name of a southwestern province in Ethiopia.

*Funny Legend says that goatherders first discovered coffee- their curiosity piqued when they noticed the energetic behavior of the goats who grazed on the coffee plants.


Now for the recipe, perhaps your luck in making it will be better than mine!


Ethiopian Coffee (Bunna)

1 c. cold water

6 whole cloves

6 to 12 whole cardamims

1 slice of ginger root

3 heaping tsp finely ground coffee beans

1 Tablespoon sugar


combine all the ingredients in a saucepan and bring just to a boil. Reduce the heat, simmer gently for 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how strong you like your coffee. Strain through a fine-mesh sieve and serve hot.

Additions I made:

1 T. cocoa powder for every 3 T coffee

1/2 tsp. cinnamon for 3 T coffee


So, as noted do not use the additions I made together. If I were making it again I would make sure I had a very fine mesh sieve and use whole cloves not ground cloves, THEY DON’T WORK!  The cocoa powder I think would be good by itself but with the cinnamon I think it was a dead beat. I would add either just the cinnamon or just the cocoa.


The recipe also recommended that you put whipped cream over the coffee. Which would be quiet decadent!


I hope I’ve given you some ethnic coffee enthusiasm for the day.


Huzzah, my friends!


Bom noite!


Killing Dreary Winter Days with XHIT and Veggies!

Thank you so much for the XHIT workouts posted on youtube. Let me tell you I LOVE THEM! I’ve been killing it recently with their ab workouts, most of which I can do as they don’t require my feet. Ha, that is still QUITE  an ordeal. though yesterday I was so elated to finally meet my goal of 3,000 steps! Which all-in-all isn’t that much but let me tell you for someone with a walking cast two inches higher than their normal foot, it is quite something!

Eat Healthy. Drink Water. Don’t be a succulent.

With my workouts, I’ve been tidying up my diet and eating habits. I’m working towards cutting out processed foods, which let me tell you is no small feat! Good gravy! It has taken quite a bit of creativity to pull off!


So here was my lunch today,



Here’s how I made it.

Veggie Omeletada!

Because -ada is an amazing ending for any amazing food!


1/2 Red pepper

Red onion




2 eggs

Splash of milk


In a small bowl whip your eggs and milk together. Next, pour mixture into a sauce pan-omelet pan, and cook until the spatula can slide under without the eggs. The top of the eggs should be slightly bubbled over in some places and be glassy yellow. Now, after chopping all the vegetables add in a layer across one side of the eggs, wait 1 minute and then flip the other side. The omelet-ada is complete!

Magnifico! you will have a wonderful protein healthy lunch or dinner to enjoy.





You Scream, I Scream, We all Scream for Ice Cream!

The smell of icecream wafted from my oven as white crystals formed on my windows. The kitchen was toasty despite the frigid weather. Today, as my dad would say, is a good day to stay in the wigwam and leave the buffalo alone. My thoughts precisely. As, I was describing my baking ventures today I made none other than an ice cream bread loaf! With the full nine yards of colored sprinkles, I do think that it adds a bit of color to such a dreary day. This is what the weather outside looks like!


So the oven was heated up and a happy glow came from the kitchen as I mixed my ingredients for ice cream bread. Though honestly, it’s fun-fetti bread to me. What happy colors to sprinkle into so dreary of a day! I can be quite the bold baker when I put my mind to it.

Quite a dreary day!

Not for the joyful baker though, this morning I made fun-fetti ice cream bread!


Follow my recipe here:


Fun-fetti Ice cream Bread

ice cream bread

You scream! I scream! We all scream for ice cream bread! ….

Wait… that doesn’t sound right. Bread and ice cream?!! Yes, you heard me right my dear friend’s ice cream bread. Deliciously satisfying your sweet tooth and definitely meeting two different food groups ;).

Haha! Let’s just say wheats and sweets!


2 c. of birthday cake ice cream (you can use any kind of ice cream just not dairy free!)

1 1/2 c. self-rising flour


Mix these together. Trust me it takes some real gusto to mix these! I recommend microwave the ice cream for 10 seconds. It is much more pliable then. Mix until thoroughly incorporated.

Now comes the fun part!!



Add these if your feeling colorful.

more sprinkles…

mini chocolate chips (if you don’t have mini I recommend dicing up the chocolate chips)

Chips. chips. and more chips!



Rivers and Roads: Lincoln

“Rivers and roads till I reach you…”

Rivers and Roads

This seems to be the state I find myself in recently. Being rivers and roads away from the one my heart seeks. Chivalrous and kind like the presidential town’s name where you resides.

Literal Rivers and roads separate us, but more than that. The rivers and roads of different lifestyles and different cultures. An apple picking country girl and a city boy. In the end, though opposites attract.

Despite this distance contingency in our relationship, I find myself quite busy submitting news articles, applications, and resumes. God willing, those will go through. Honestly, I have Pipe dreams of moving somewhere colder, for college at least.

In my free time, I’ve had a steady hand at applying to colleges. And Lord knows, I’ve applied to quite a lot!

At night when I’m nestled under my thick knitted blanket in front of the wood fire, I’ve been thinking how I’d love to learn how to arm knit. The blankets made from arm knitting are quite toasty! And so thick! I’ve heard of some pretty amazing yarn for that too! The giant yarn Merino from Etsy looks amazing, I have my eye on some yarn by ChunkyWoolStudio. Here’s the link for that if you’re a fellow knitter: Chunky Yarn

I just started a new book which makes snuggling up under a hand knit blanket quite cozy! I’m reading, for the second time, Eat. Pray. Love. by Elizabeth Gilbert. I’m trying to read more New York Times BestSeller’s as I’m hoping they’ll rub off on my writing skills. I must say this is a whole different style of what I usually find myself reading.

The opening page strikes me, it says, “Tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth.”

This is very much how I live my life. Not to deem myself similar to George Washington who wouldn’t lie about cutting down the cherry trees or anything, but I don’t like to hide my truth’s under a basket.

With, that my good friends, au revoir until we meet again! 🙂





Nobody Knows How the Story Ends

Nature’s way has taken a vicious curve. Snow pummels down in blankets as my visage is clouded to only 2 feet ahead of my trembling feet.  Snowy white like a newly pressed wedding gown. Everything is veiled around me.

A red bird chirps ahead of me, silhouetted in white, maybe a sign of love? The love finds my fingers pull and fold clothes as I wonder what awaits their calloused countenance. Silly hands that have made art, pies, scarves. But could someday bear the fate of my life.

The red bird vanishes into the orchard webbed in white like a white cloistered nun. No one knows where we’re bound during this life. Nobody knows how the story ends.

The snow’s rage torrents down en masse diminishing the path ahead. Where are we bound? No one knows.