It all started with tea.


A sweet blend of cloves and orange spice brightened my day around 4:00… Wait, perhaps this should be night? morning? And a luscious camel milk soap, which leaves quite a lovely scent, mind you. I do find it quite refreshing.

This morning I awoke to a soft patter outside my window. The fog had set in thick across the ground like white smoke after a fire lights a wet field. The morning itself was quite dire and could easily fall into quite a morose day. If it were!!


Ha! Not for Magnificient27! With hope comes strength my friends. Conquer yourself and the world will be at your feet. 🙂 Alexander the Great said,

“There is nothing impossible to him who will try.”

Such a profound verse? That, my friend, just goes to show that even to the people who have little, greatness is possible.

My workout began as the fog crept around the colored exterior of my house. Still, on crutches, my normal dance classes have fallen by the wayside. 😦

I’m rather stuck at square one as far as working out goes. So ab exercises have taken the lead.

Here’s the couple I did, today, which put me in quite fine spirits!

Ab Workout

Toned Arm Workout


I’ve been “walking”, (hehe, stumbling) a lot more, which means my foot is finally feeling better! Poor thing it’s been through quite a shock!

Anyhow, today is a grand blustery day on the farm, full of life and exuberance that I hope I can spread to you through this post, my dear reader.

God bless my friend!



Hope lies in those willing to try.