Dog Days of Winter

As the wind presses in against the windows, I’m covered by the wood stoves warmth. Its steady blaze transfixes me, momentarily, as I think about how eventually we all return to ash.

Snow sweeps across the sidewalk in a wave, like that of The Great Wave of Kanagawa. Though the cold winter and my walking cast keeps me inside, I am thankful that my walking cast allows me to have more mobility. I can now climb the stairs by myself and even carry a hamper up the stairs… Well, push a hamper up the stairs.

My dear friends, there is a silver lining in every cloud. 

My books pages flutter momentarily, in the dawn, as I finish my chapter. I’m reading Bartleby the Scrivner by Herman Melville. Quite a book if you’re looking for a “shorter” classic, to give you a good laugh. Next on my list is East of Eden by Steinbeck.

The snow has settled across the hills and blankets nature gently snuggling close. this morning I’ve done lots of researching on various companies and colleges. Debt is a pain in the arse, I know that for sure. So, I’m hesitant about just jumping into college. Though it would be like hitting the “refresh button” on my life. I can’t imagine, it would be like a new chance to be a new person. It’s really tempting to be a full-time student. I would love to do that again but alack. Anyway, that’s a whole ree-raw I need to work through.

In the meantime, I’ve been hard at searching and applying to scholarships, big and small. It’s amazing how many niche scholarships I’ve found. Like, Lord almighty, my injury gives me a real hand-up :). If you find yourself in the same confuddled college scholarship search as me, I want to give you a leg-up. Heehee, here are some good ones! 🙂

Sweet&Simple scholarship

CourseHero- great for niche scholarships

Scholarships- Narrow down your Niche

More specialized scholarships:

Super Hero Scholarship Search


So, my dear friends have hope for the future and strive for what is good.


-The Lord makes straight the path of the ones who follow him


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