Rivers and Roads: Lincoln

“Rivers and roads till I reach you…”

Rivers and Roads

This seems to be the state I find myself in recently. Being rivers and roads away from the one my heart seeks. Chivalrous and kind like the presidential town’s name where you resides.

Literal Rivers and roads separate us, but more than that. The rivers and roads of different lifestyles and different cultures. An apple picking country girl and a city boy. In the end, though opposites attract.

Despite this distance contingency in our relationship, I find myself quite busy submitting news articles, applications, and resumes. God willing, those will go through. Honestly, I have Pipe dreams of moving somewhere colder, for college at least.

In my free time, I’ve had a steady hand at applying to colleges. And Lord knows, I’ve applied to quite a lot!

At night when I’m nestled under my thick knitted blanket in front of the wood fire, I’ve been thinking how I’d love to learn how to arm knit. The blankets made from arm knitting are quite toasty! And so thick! I’ve heard of some pretty amazing yarn for that too! The giant yarn Merino from Etsy looks amazing, I have my eye on some yarn by ChunkyWoolStudio. Here’s the link for that if you’re a fellow knitter: Chunky Yarn

I just started a new book which makes snuggling up under a hand knit blanket quite cozy! I’m reading, for the second time, Eat. Pray. Love. by Elizabeth Gilbert. I’m trying to read more New York Times BestSeller’s as I’m hoping they’ll rub off on my writing skills. I must say this is a whole different style of what I usually find myself reading.

The opening page strikes me, it says, “Tell the truth, tell the truth, tell the truth.”

This is very much how I live my life. Not to deem myself similar to George Washington who wouldn’t lie about cutting down the cherry trees or anything, but I don’t like to hide my truth’s under a basket.

With, that my good friends, au revoir until we meet again! 🙂





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