Killing Dreary Winter Days with XHIT and Veggies!

Thank you so much for the XHIT workouts posted on youtube. Let me tell you I LOVE THEM! I’ve been killing it recently with their ab workouts, most of which I can do as they don’t require my feet. Ha, that is still QUITE  an ordeal. though yesterday I was so elated to finally meet my goal of 3,000 steps! Which all-in-all isn’t that much but let me tell you for someone with a walking cast two inches higher than their normal foot, it is quite something!

Eat Healthy. Drink Water. Don’t be a succulent.

With my workouts, I’ve been tidying up my diet and eating habits. I’m working towards cutting out processed foods, which let me tell you is no small feat! Good gravy! It has taken quite a bit of creativity to pull off!


So here was my lunch today,



Here’s how I made it.

Veggie Omeletada!

Because -ada is an amazing ending for any amazing food!


1/2 Red pepper

Red onion




2 eggs

Splash of milk


In a small bowl whip your eggs and milk together. Next, pour mixture into a sauce pan-omelet pan, and cook until the spatula can slide under without the eggs. The top of the eggs should be slightly bubbled over in some places and be glassy yellow. Now, after chopping all the vegetables add in a layer across one side of the eggs, wait 1 minute and then flip the other side. The omelet-ada is complete!

Magnifico! you will have a wonderful protein healthy lunch or dinner to enjoy.





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