Applying, Applying: Resumes, Makeup and Paint

As the white cat arches its back I purl and stitch pink yarn. The odd-eyed cat is pure white like a mink coat and its ears are pink. With one green eye and one blue eye. Quite an odd cat.


Odd-eyed cat

aside from this slight distraction have been quite busy searching for and applying to jobs. It is quite a ree-raw applying to a job out here in the sticks. The employment, as I discussed earlier this week with my step-mother, is rather focused on education and industry.

Unfortunately, living in the country is not proving to be the easiest employment strategy.

I daresay, I will probably, go back into the school system and continue freelancing on the side. And as I’ve discussed previously I am super pumped to continue my college education.

If you find yourself in the same place as me, looking for at-home freelance work. Let me tell you, friend! I have tried quite a lot!

In this time, I have come across literally millions of ways to make money (side gig) online. I will share with you only the ones I have tried. For the sake of clarity, I have written my suggestions in chronological order, $-$$$, Here are a few.

My go-to solid choice is Amazon mechanical turk

This site is reliable but the tasks are very monotonous. Just a heads up.

If you’re looking to deep clean, like the

Freelancing is a nice way to work from home as well. If you enjoy writing, or freelancing of almost any kind, head over to Freelance Upwork!

Another freelancing site that I have frequented in the past is Verbilio: write posts

Verbilio, just recently changed names from On this site, you can pick subjects that have precise instructions and freelance away. I have written about everything from flowers to dog houses. Quite a plethora of different subjects to be sure!

I also, write for a local newspaper(s) which is quite fun! I so enjoy the process of interviewing and researching articles. It’s such a fun journey piecing everything together to create an article that’ll be printed in your paper. Depending on the size of your community this is such a great way to get your name out there for writing. After the articles are published attach them to your resume for flare. I love being a freelance journalist!





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