Knitted Blankets and Puenta Higuero Lighthouse

The rocks beneath me shifted as I climbed the steep mountainous slope. Puerto Rico is a magnificent place to travel, with hot weather, good food, and kind people. And the scenery, let me tell you!

I love traveling.

Traveling is like stepping into a sailboat, the wind, like the adventure, will take you where it will.

The salty breeze captured my curls tossing and twisting them as I gazed at the biting white waters of the Carribean. As a giant Ameiva climbed lazily up the hill, I walked beside the stone fence that separated us. The scales It seemed as though he was pausing and panting his way up the hill.

close up of a iguana
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Looking ahead I saw the giant cylindrical walls of the great Punta rising above the grassy hills.

lighthouse by sea against sky
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The Punta Higuera was originally built by the Spanish in 1892, however, after an earthquake was sadly demolished. In 1922 the lighthouse was rebuilt by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Its height was dizzying. Looking out across the spray of ocean water I glimpsed a small sailboat plunging amongst the waves.

Lighthouses and windmills have always fascinated me.

I recently came across this youtube video about this man in Holland who bought a giant windmill and converted it into a home. Now that’s some ingenuity! Me, being attracted to ingenious outlandish homes, this immediately piqued my interest.

Check it out!




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