Clean Windows and Bright Thoughts

In the westward window hang colored glass crystals with cacti beneath. Hopefully not a bad omen for the day.

Light streams in the brightly scrubbed glass I cleaned this morning. It makes a person wonder in that fraction of brightness why any darkness could exist. But that is momentous. Life happens and darkness wins sometimes. But the light returns with the hope of a new day.

My morning walks bring clarity to my days. I am covered with the bright shadows of tree silhouettes, shedding my thoughts away in the aftermath of their shadows. Rich shades of green surround me in the forest where I see a deer gracefully arch over a weathered barbed wire fence.

Gingerly walking through the woods light streams in through the dappled treetops. Creating a canopy of thought. A sky of reason. An abundance of possibilities all intertwined in one branch. My mind wanders as my shoe catches on a broken limb. Trees remind me of many things in this life.

As I see it, the brain is much like a tree. The branches, or thoughts stretching out and interlacing, brightening with green leaves and throwing shadows. With a breaking storm, some branches stay strong: some break. After a furious storm, only the strongest branches will remain.

What are your strongest branches?







Rattlesnake Ridge, Snoqualmie Falls

My foot heaved over the ruddy roots as Ruby sprang ahead of me. Ruby is my sister’s dog. I was climbing Rattlesnake Ridge not 6 months after my surgery. It was an amazing feeling of triumph. One of those feelings you get after doing something to the max. Pushing yourself to your limits. As the ruddy mountain path twisted and gnarled ahead of me I kept my eyes on the ground. Glancing up to see the trees arching and casting shadows over the misty trees. The trees sprawling with lichens nestled deep into the tree’s bones. Resembling something fixed and unmoving fooling the common onlooker like an ancient Uruk mosaic, tiny fragments making a whole.

Washington mountain trees

Trees with lichens.

The mountains breaking off into a river and gushing with cold tears. Streaming down and foaming into the deep. The ancient Snoqualmie Indian tribes once lived and drank from these waters. This tribe is still in existence and is federally recognized.

Through these trees, I can see Mt. Rainier, awash with snow. Its heights disappearing into a fog of unknown. I recently became acquainted with someone who indeed was training to hike Rainier’s “fog of unknown.” I’ve heard the training is quite an arduous process. Though how freakin’ amazing that would be?! The mountains really are mysterious and somehow probe into your mind with that adventurous intrigue.

The mountains are calling!

My time in Washington was amazing! The mountains were charming and the coffee shops full of espresso and good books. I visited one of the cutest little bookshops called Ada’s Technical Books and Cafe. Quite a charming little place where I had an amazing Kenyan roast of coffee. And I met a delightful Seattlite who I had a lively conversation about the Peace Corps with. He had toured in Zimbabwe and even learned the language! Peace Corps has always piqued my interest. Seattlites seemed mostly friendly to me.
In my time there I also had my first Japanese massage. Oh my! Let me tell you, that was quite different but it was relaxing in China town. I had some amazing Japanese food too! Here’s a picture of my dessert.

Japanese dessert

Delicious eclectic dessert at International district.

Ah, Endroit Magnifique, how delightful it was!

School and New Opportunities

The window was open last night which led to chilly dreams and not enough sleep. I am awake now and breathing in the delicious scents of coffee that fill my kitchen. Ahhh… home, what a wonderful place. I think there’s something about being from somewhere; like an innate feeling deep inside that just makes you feel nice. Your home might not be the nicest but there’s something about home that makes up for the discomfort. If that makes any sense at all.

Today I am teaching. Whoot! Whoot! At my grade school. Which in the past, honestly has been kind of rocky. But I guess one can expect that from a school where you had a lot of the same teachers growing up.

Last week, when teaching I had a kid trying to cut himself with scissors in art class and a boy peed his pants during recess. Teaching is an interesting and ever-changing occupation, let me tell you. New challenges every day.

Currently, I’m working on obtaining my bachelors. Hello, summer classes! I’ve honestly thought about going into teaching as a career. But I’m not sure it would make me as happy as say going into art or becoming an author.

But in the same breath, I suppose you could do both. Teaching seems pretty versatile now that I think about it.

Hurrah, I love accomplishing things people doubt I can do. Growing up I was an I.E.P. kid and put with special ed all the time. Sometimes I feel like my life thus far has been fledged with the “you’re not good enough’s.”

But as a T.B.I. survivor or anyone going through depression or turmoil it’s easy to doubt your greatness. So, I’m here to say Hurrah! You can do it, you’re amazing. Today, you’re going to set the world on fire! Don’t let the “I can’ts” and “If’s” get you down. You’re amazing, YOU WERE MADE TO DO THIS!

So as I can assume my school day will be crazy chaotic and I might need another cup of coffee afterward…

Coffee and smiles. Let’s live this chaotic life.

Have a beautiful day!

The Simple Beauty of Nature

As I stepped through the knee-high green grasses I breathed in the fresh air. It was cleansing as if giving the prairie a new birth. My father often says that the prairie changes her dresses for every season. The prairie is changing her dresses.

The fresh air streamed against the hanging white sheets billowing in the wind. The clothespins hanging them securely as if they knew the winds plan. The wind acts as a guide pushing us into the uncertain path stretched before us—life.

Life as we’ve known it. Our own traditions and preferences etched so carefully into our days.



Watering flats in the hoop house


My life has been dappled with hard work and persistence. Honestly, I’ve had my nose to the ground getting all my various documents to my transfer college. I’ve also been assigned a new article to cover that is really got me on edge. It’s about a business. And not just any business but my family business. So that’s a tad stressful.


Not your Average Farm Girl

As one can expect my nails, nowadays, have to be washed really well, when I’m done working!

The plants are growing really well in the house. The house that we start our seeds in is called the nursery house. Oh oops, that’s my bike in the background. Since my surgery, I’ve just had it in the hoop house on my trainer.

Speaking of exercise, let me tell you! Just yesterday I walked 9000 steps! And I have been keeping up with my ab and arm workouts. Seriously considering buying heavier weights. Which for me and my recovery is crazy amazing! I was excited at least.

So, to celebrate that and Friday night… haha, that’s a joke, Friday night is just another night here, just like any other.

To celebrate though, I treated myself to Amazon Prime video… and YES! A romance 🙂 Which honestly Prime is gonna have to pick up its step on their romance offerings, let me tell ya. It was called “A Little Bit of Heaven.” A serious tear jerker make sure you have a kleenex box handy.

And you know movies kinda call for a snack or dessert of some kind. But ya know a girl doesn’t want to feel too bad about eating somethin’ sweet. The whole terms “guiltless” or “healthy” seems to find its way into my recipe search constantly. Bahaha, I can’t say that some of my chocolate desserts have some pretty crazy ingredients in them!

So I made, Healthy Chocolate Mug Cake

The sun is streaming down outside and my college acceptance letter is waiting for me in the mailbox. I must tarry my friends, for now enjoy the summer’s coming and live BOLDLY

The wind is bristling the pines outside and farm work calls me.



Hope you’re day is going splendidly!