Rattlesnake Ridge, Snoqualmie Falls

My foot heaved over the ruddy roots as Ruby sprang ahead of me. Ruby is my sister’s dog. I was climbing Rattlesnake Ridge not 6 months after my surgery. It was an amazing feeling of triumph. One of those feelings you get after doing something to the max. Pushing yourself to your limits. As the ruddy mountain path twisted and gnarled ahead of me I kept my eyes on the ground. Glancing up to see the trees arching and casting shadows over the misty trees. The trees sprawling with lichens nestled deep into the tree’s bones. Resembling something fixed and unmoving fooling the common onlooker like an ancient Uruk mosaic, tiny fragments making a whole.

Washington mountain trees

Trees with lichens.

The mountains breaking off into a river and gushing with cold tears. Streaming down and foaming into the deep. The ancient Snoqualmie Indian tribes once lived and drank from these waters. This tribe is still in existence and is federally recognized.

Through these trees, I can see Mt. Rainier, awash with snow. Its heights disappearing into a fog of unknown. I recently became acquainted with someone who indeed was training to hike Rainier’s “fog of unknown.” I’ve heard the training is quite an arduous process. Though how freakin’ amazing that would be?! The mountains really are mysterious and somehow probe into your mind with that adventurous intrigue.

The mountains are calling!

My time in Washington was amazing! The mountains were charming and the coffee shops full of espresso and good books. I visited one of the cutest little bookshops called Ada’s Technical Books and Cafe. Quite a charming little place where I had an amazing Kenyan roast of coffee. And I met a delightful Seattlite who I had a lively conversation about the Peace Corps with. He had toured in Zimbabwe and even learned the language! Peace Corps has always piqued my interest. Seattlites seemed mostly friendly to me.
In my time there I also had my first Japanese massage. Oh my! Let me tell you, that was quite different but it was relaxing in China town. I had some amazing Japanese food too! Here’s a picture of my dessert.

Japanese dessert

Delicious eclectic dessert at International district.

Ah, Endroit Magnifique, how delightful it was!

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