Thankful for L.I.F.E.

I’ve been reflecting on life as it is for me. I was talking with one of my good friends the other day saying how I felt in a rut. But after reflecting on this I’ve accomplished so many of my goals in these past few months!

One of my goals was to become a barista which I am happily doing at this adorable little coffee company startup. It is amazing, the shop is fantastic. The couple that started it have a large family and the spouse, who’s a carpenter, made all the furniture inside! The neat thing about the shop is that the owners have their own personal roaster who goes down to Mexico and works with the people who grow the coffee. I am so impressed with there business and beyond happy to be working there!

I finally published an Ebook on Amazon. It’s called Falling to Daughter Zion.

Another of my goals was to start a blog. Well, ta–daa! Readers, I’ve been blogging to you for quite a while.

And last but not least I fell in love.

Perhaps that has been the spark for many of those goals aforementioned.

Hurrah, to accomplishments!

So, my dear readers stay tuned for my next list of goals.


1 Cup of Coffee

I was so happy yesterday after receiving my job news that I decided to treat myself. Since I was a child I lived creating things. I thank my mom for giving me that artistic inspiration.

I love painting so I decided to indulge in a trip to the pottery store. For the sheer sake of happy memories, back track 6 years. In high school I was first inspired to throw clay and paint pottery by my wonderful art teacher. She was SUCH an inspiration to me of which I will be forever thankful!

So, back to present

This little paint shop I frequent is called Soul Sisters. It is run by the most amazing two women! Both of them so loving and inviting.

I step into the warmth of their merry little gas station. Yes, I said gas station. They took this cute little vintagey petite gas station and turned it into a painting studio and gift shop. And I’m amazed at the smells immediately. They sell locally made candles, coffee, with wonderful fragrances and zany scents.

So as I roll up my sleeves to begin painting I am happily in my creative zone. Hurrah!

Grey was my color today with a kind of off the wall design. I love it! And let me tell you with my new job or will be the perfect addition to my cupboard.

Hopefully after it’s out I can post pictures.


This might be odd but I’ve always had this deep fascination with coffee. Growing up on a farm I grew up learning how fruits and veggies came from the dirt. And let’s just say I developed a bit of a green thumb from the whole thing.

I have become very intrigued with the different varieties of coffees and different regions, etc. I enjoy making coffee for others and if you’ve read my blog know that I am ever developing my coffee craft with different variations and brewing techniques. Being a home barista has given me such joy. I’ve always dreampt of being a barista at an actual coffee shop.

And today I did it! I had applied at a new startup coffee shop in a little town near me and I got a barista position! The owners of the shop are super kind too. It’s a family run business which adds to the small town charm.

I’m completely in love with the new space they’ve renovated. Its snappy and chic. They also offered me a latte there… OMGoodness, mind blowing! Let me tell you. A Guatamelan roast that has a rich chocolatey overtone with a hazelnut base. That’s how I would describe it at least. (Red face) I dont want to sound overzealous or anything.

I’m a huge coffee fanatic though. I am so blessed that I was hired at this coffee shop. Thank you Lord for giving me employment.

God is great.

Stretching of Four Feet Deep- a poem

Roots spring deep from her up tight form.

That catches Dark Shadows

Stretching along the mossy rift

Echoing her former life.

Stretching throughout the nearby village.

Her arms have held many babies.

Sighing her arms have grown weary.

The Spring brings children

To her side to play.

Grow and blossom.

Into strong roots that add to hers.

Buried four feet deep.

Held Together with Some Cawter Pins

“Held Together with Some Cawter Pins” is a line from I think one of the funniest songs I’ve heard by Susan Warren. I have a first rate experience with cawter pins, any surprise?

Its called “City Kids.” While I think this song is beyond funny it uses hyperbole in comparing city kids and country kids.

Now that I find myself living in a “city” (cough,cough) country town, very small but bigger than the country (thank goodness there’s a library:). This song is still a harbinger to my existence.

My new town also has a park and absolutely no means of public transportation or jobs (slight eyeroll). But should this be as a surprise, haha? It’s not like I’m in Cincinnati or Des Moines.

So I’m at it again seeking out remote positions. Ha, what a lark that is.

Thankfully there’s a remote worker consultant in my area for workers looking for jobs. I am so thankful for this as who knows what kind of traveling and malarkey I’ll get myself into in the future.

I’m interested in improving my freelance writing. Which in itself is quite a battle that I’ve been a veteran in for quite too many years. And of which, admittedly, I haven’t figured out.

Nonetheless, I am very happy with my new residence which provides quite the multitude of opportunities to cook and clean, house maintenance, freelancing. Yes, I have become something of a Rosie the Riveter. Though thank goodness my man is not overseas fighting. WWII has been reported as one of the bloodiest times recorded in history. Sorry, little side tangent there. History is fascinating.

Since I’ve lived here I’ve been biking quite a bit more as the pavement is much better than gravel roads. My bike is a bit of a mess honestly. It could use a little TLC at this point. Ack! Yet another goal of mine to learn how to fix bikes. Which is quite a good trade to learn in the country.

For now I suppose I’ll just use cawter pins to hold it together…

Cheers to my friends and followers!



An Orchestra with Tambourines

The light caught in between catches me as I strain to hear. I’m hearing the sighs of the house’s creaking. I’m reading nature’s blows against the houses west gable. I’m reading the wind whistling through the branches. The creaking of the medicine cabinet a flight down from me startles nature’s orchestra.

The wind groans on as if it were slightly irritated by the conventional noise. Isn’t it so? In life, I believe we all have our own separate “orchestra.”

Nuisances disrupt the personal orchestra of our lives. This orchestra, we’ve already planned and written, thinking, “Oh, what a delight it will be to accomplish this and how doing this and that will benefit me.”

Then nature comes.

This life is an orchestra, which, I feel, we are not conducting, but mere instruments. Nature and God are the conductors. We play the symphony as instruments.

Instruments that play loudly life’s wild rapid tune.

Coffee; Standing in your Way of Happiness?



By: Maggie Kuhn


caffeine cappuccino coffee coffee shop

Photo by Tyler Nix on


Did you know that nearly 50% of American adults drink coffee everyday? Praised by the media and daily drinkers, coffee has a high-ranking place in the American diet. Harvard studies show that coffee is high in natural polyphenols, which are micronutrients that have been linked with preventing cancer, high-blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. According to,, coffee also works as an antidepressant and spikes your Adrenaline levels.


Is this a bad thing? Not entirely. While this news is all fine and dandy, coffee, on the flip side, has its negatives.

Coffee is a drug.

Now, that I have your attention. Yes, that’s right an addictive drug. Caffeine dependence is labeled as a mental illness.

Do you ever get a headache around 9:00 AM? Do you have trouble sleeping? Increased heart rate?

Did you know that all of these symptoms can be attributed to drinking your morning cup(s) of Joe.

According to MayoClinic, high consumption of boiled coffee (boiled or espresso) has been associated with mild elevations in cholesterol levels. Two or more cups of coffee can increase your risk of heart disease in people with a specific and fairly common- genetic mutation that slows the breakdown of caffeine in the body.

Caffeine does not actually give you energy but blocks sleepy signals to the brain.

So, next time you’re reaching to switch on the coffee pot, consider the effects and maybe consider drinking milk or juice instead which offers nutrients and vitamins not found in coffee. But, I think it also has a lot of benefits too. 

A Harvard research article states that coffee has many longevity benefits for the body. Aside from that a pretty amazing amount of other benefits. For example it reduces the risk of

Check it out:

cardiovascular disease (heart attack, heart failure, and stroke)

Type 2 diabetes

Parkinson’s disease

uterine and liver cancer




Well, with all this research I think another cup of joe would suit me. Pull up a chair and enjoy a cup of joe with me!

I hope I have enlightened my caffeine drinkers with this insightful article.


          A Sculpture of my Writing

Writing has power, it can change minds, empower the poor (of wealth or of heart) and change people’s actions. Words are powerful things.
Writing is like sculpting clay. Like sculpting a coil pot, every ring has different attributes, maybe a little rough, maybe a little darker, like rough drafts, villians, or character changes. Sculpting is the rough draft. Once you bake the pot you can paint it, this is when the words flow together and you create depth and different tones. Playing with the words and making anything, anything you do will make something new and whatever it is can be diversified. Writing is ever-changing and so diverse. Genre fiction has become my modus operandi and my favorite literary mode of writing.
Challenging the odds of literature, which, is ever developing, has always been one of my pursuits. I have gained a better grip on the Great Literary World. Creative writing has always been a knack of mine, however, largely obscured.
Writing is not all that develops characters and storylines, but reading the works of the great poets and authors, is such a big contribution. It has been to my great fortune to be surrounded by great literature growing up. From “Little Rabbit Foo-Foo”, Hans Christian Andersen, “The Three Musketeers”, Charles Dicken’s, and “Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle.” My drive to diversify my writing and concentrate on worldly problems, was first shaped from my journey to Mexico as a child.
My adventures creating edge and mystery in my pieces. My writing encapsulates the literary tremors of beauty, love, global atrophies and historical characters. I hope to start submitting more of my poems and essays to various magazines and writing contests. With the help of my new literary genius I also hope to manufacture some of my own genre fiction and submit to publishers.
It is some small rendition to think that the world of literature has been evolving from the very first man who used hieroglyphics on a stone. It is human nature to record and tell stories. The whole world and all its cultures are made up of stories. Things people believe to be true and things people believe to be false. But when the fire of reason finally burns out there will just be stories to tell of memories. Historical instances preserved with the written word. Stories have shaped the world since Adam and Eve, Rachel and Jacob, Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra, Pride and Prejudice’s Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy, Johnny Cash and June Carter, Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters. Stories provide comfort to our troubled world or even another world to escape to.
The world has reached a climax of fear. It needs resolve and comfort, writers are just the ones to do it. Words can change the world.