Thankful for L.I.F.E.

I’ve been reflecting on life as it is for me. I was talking with one of my good friends the other day saying how I felt in a rut. But after reflecting on this I’ve accomplished so many of my goals in these past few months! One of my goals was to become a baristaContinue reading “Thankful for L.I.F.E.”

1 Cup of Coffee

I was so happy yesterday after receiving my job news that I decided to treat myself. Since I was a child I lived creating things. I thank my mom for giving me that artistic inspiration. I love painting so I decided to indulge in a trip to the pottery store. For the sheer sake ofContinue reading “1 Cup of Coffee”

Stretching of Four Feet Deep- a poem

Roots spring deep from her up tight form. That catches Dark Shadows Stretching along the mossy rift Echoing her former life. Stretching throughout the nearby village. Her arms have held many babies. Sighing her arms have grown weary. The Spring brings children To her side to play. Grow and blossom. Into strong roots that addContinue reading “Stretching of Four Feet Deep- a poem”

Held Together with Some Cawter Pins

“Held Together with Some Cawter Pins” is a line from I think one of the funniest songs I’ve heard by Susan Warren. I have a first rate experience with cawter pins, any surprise? Its called “City Kids.” While I think this song is beyond funny it uses hyperbole in comparing city kids and country kids.Continue reading “Held Together with Some Cawter Pins”

An Orchestra with Tambourines

The light caught in between catches me as I strain to hear. I’m hearing the sighs of the house’s creaking. I’m reading nature’s blows against the houses west gable. I’m reading the wind whistling through the branches. The creaking of the medicine cabinet a flight down from me startles nature’s orchestra. The wind groans onContinue reading “An Orchestra with Tambourines”

Coffee; Standing in your Way of Happiness?

    By: Maggie Kuhn     Did you know that nearly 50% of American adults drink coffee everyday? Praised by the media and daily drinkers, coffee has a high-ranking place in the American diet. Harvard studies show that coffee is high in natural polyphenols, which are micronutrients that have been linked with preventing cancer,Continue reading “Coffee; Standing in your Way of Happiness?”

          A Sculpture of my Writing

Writing has power, it can change minds, empower the poor (of wealth or of heart) and change people’s actions. Words are powerful things. Writing is like sculpting clay. Like sculpting a coil pot, every ring has different attributes, maybe a little rough, maybe a little darker, like rough drafts, villians, or character changes. Sculpting isContinue reading ”          A Sculpture of my Writing”