A Sculpture of my Writing

Writing has power, it can change minds, empower the poor (of wealth or of heart) and change people’s actions. Words are powerful things.
Writing is like sculpting clay. Like sculpting a coil pot, every ring has different attributes, maybe a little rough, maybe a little darker, like rough drafts, villians, or character changes. Sculpting is the rough draft. Once you bake the pot you can paint it, this is when the words flow together and you create depth and different tones. Playing with the words and making anything, anything you do will make something new and whatever it is can be diversified. Writing is ever-changing and so diverse. Genre fiction has become my modus operandi and my favorite literary mode of writing.
Challenging the odds of literature, which, is ever developing, has always been one of my pursuits. I have gained a better grip on the Great Literary World. Creative writing has always been a knack of mine, however, largely obscured.
Writing is not all that develops characters and storylines, but reading the works of the great poets and authors, is such a big contribution. It has been to my great fortune to be surrounded by great literature growing up. From “Little Rabbit Foo-Foo”, Hans Christian Andersen, “The Three Musketeers”, Charles Dicken’s, and “Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle.” My drive to diversify my writing and concentrate on worldly problems, was first shaped from my journey to Mexico as a child.
My adventures creating edge and mystery in my pieces. My writing encapsulates the literary tremors of beauty, love, global atrophies and historical characters. I hope to start submitting more of my poems and essays to various magazines and writing contests. With the help of my new literary genius I also hope to manufacture some of my own genre fiction and submit to publishers.
It is some small rendition to think that the world of literature has been evolving from the very first man who used hieroglyphics on a stone. It is human nature to record and tell stories. The whole world and all its cultures are made up of stories. Things people believe to be true and things people believe to be false. But when the fire of reason finally burns out there will just be stories to tell of memories. Historical instances preserved with the written word. Stories have shaped the world since Adam and Eve, Rachel and Jacob, Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra, Pride and Prejudice’s Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy, Johnny Cash and June Carter, Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters. Stories provide comfort to our troubled world or even another world to escape to.
The world has reached a climax of fear. It needs resolve and comfort, writers are just the ones to do it. Words can change the world.


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