An Orchestra with Tambourines

The light caught in between catches me as I strain to hear. I’m hearing the sighs of the house’s creaking. I’m reading nature’s blows against the houses west gable. I’m reading the wind whistling through the branches. The creaking of the medicine cabinet a flight down from me startles nature’s orchestra.

The wind groans on as if it were slightly irritated by the conventional noise. Isn’t it so? In life, I believe we all have our own separate “orchestra.”

Nuisances disrupt the personal orchestra of our lives. This orchestra, we’ve already planned and written, thinking, “Oh, what a delight it will be to accomplish this and how doing this and that will benefit me.”

Then nature comes.

This life is an orchestra, which, I feel, we are not conducting, but mere instruments. Nature and God are the conductors. We play the symphony as instruments.

Instruments that play loudly life’s wild rapid tune.

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