I was so happy yesterday after receiving my job news that I decided to treat myself. Since I was a child I lived creating things. I thank my mom for giving me that artistic inspiration.

I love painting so I decided to indulge in a trip to the pottery store. For the sheer sake of happy memories, back track 6 years. In high school I was first inspired to throw clay and paint pottery by my wonderful art teacher. She was SUCH an inspiration to me of which I will be forever thankful!

So, back to present

This little paint shop I frequent is called Soul Sisters. It is run by the most amazing two women! Both of them so loving and inviting.

I step into the warmth of their merry little gas station. Yes, I said gas station. They took this cute little vintagey petite gas station and turned it into a painting studio and gift shop. And I’m amazed at the smells immediately. They sell locally made candles, coffee, with wonderful fragrances and zany scents.

So as I roll up my sleeves to begin painting I am happily in my creative zone. Hurrah!

Grey was my color today with a kind of off the wall design. I love it! And let me tell you with my new job or will be the perfect addition to my cupboard.

Hopefully after it’s out I can post pictures.