Blueberry Pancakes and Historical Justice

I watched as small bubbles rose and popped on top of the blue swirled pancakes. The heat had been rising in my kitchen since I began cooking breakfast an hour ago. I think there’s something to be said for Saturday morning breakfasts. Especially when it involves coffee and blueberry pancakes. Blueberry pancakes and sunny mornings.Continue reading “Blueberry Pancakes and Historical Justice”

The Pressing Solitude of Decisions

A decision pressed closely against the glass Reverberates a prism of thought Of connection. Of dissonance. A decision of solitude. A decision of birth or denial. A decision pressed closely against the glass Strains its ugly ear to find you. Strains into your deepest thoughts. Listening, pressing close. Making a crowd or closing in solitude.Continue reading “The Pressing Solitude of Decisions”

Gravity, Biking, and Coffee

If gravity didn’t hold me down I swear after I’ve had three cups of coffee I’m on the ceiling! It would be quite funny like some fictional character. Yes, today I had two cups of coffee in the morning while enrolling in classes. Definitely called for, lol, colleges make it hard enough to get enrolled,Continue reading “Gravity, Biking, and Coffee”