The Essence of Soap Foam and Coffee

Do you know how to make a latte? Well, today my good friends I learned three excellence of making a latte… and not just any old latte but one with art. Yes! A latte art heart. I was so ecstatic the latte was smooth and the art savvy.

So, perhaps you’re intrigued by learning the craft of latte art as well. Though I am still an amateur at the craft, I have some pointers and learning instructions.

Use soap!

Yes I said soap. Dish washing soap. Just a wee bit of soap and water to the halfway mark, and froth away my friend.

This, my friend, is how I learned the art of milk frothing.

So as you can imagine, clearly I’m just talking about practicing foaming methods.

So the latte, as it were, is composed of frothed milk, not soap, and two ounces of espresso.

Measured in a nifty little shot glass like this: Cute Double Spouted Espresso shot glass

Making the espresso, now that’s a whole nother trick, let me tell you!

The espresso, as I’m sure you’ve already assumed, is made in an espresso machine. Like this one, This is similar to the one I use at the coffee shop.

Mr. Coffee small Espresso Machine, this ones pretty nifty as it froths your milk automatically. Fancy pants!

So making espresso is it’s own art. Start with the beans. Always start with the beans. The beans need to be fresh. I recommend beans that have been roasted in the past two weeks, for best results.

We have a fancy bean hopper. Similar to this one: Bean hopper–. This should measure out your two shots then you need to tap it around on a flat surface so the grinds are level. Now the fun part, take the tamper, like this one, Espresso tamper. And press the tamper evenly across espresso grounds. There are two ways to go about pressing your tamper. I was instructed to press it down as hard as possible, however, check out this article that has another viewpoint: not pressing? method.

Beans have been pressed, now to the espresso machine! Tighten the espresso metal cup: metal espresso cup on the machine.

Then turn espresso handle away from you then towards you and watch the espresso fall into your cute little espresso cup.

Next comes the completion and the baristas avec joie!

Grab your glass/mug, this one is really cute: Cute Pug; Bicycle Mug

Pour your perfect tricolor shot the crema on top should be caramel colored.

Then pour your frothed soap… oh I mean milk. Into your cute pug mug, as noted above, on top of espresso. When pouring use a circular motion for approximately 18 sec. Then dip to the middle hold for 3 second make a kind of upward movement to create a series of hearts. I know it sounds complex but, as they say, practice makes perfect!

So,protip of the day, Achieve frothing success with soap. 😆

For now, my dedicated readers have a great day!



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