Untitled Sunrises of the Restless Heart

Today broke like the small robins egg I felt cracked on the sidewalk yesterday.Blazing it infiltrates the whole sky swallowing the morning doves cries.I think of the sunsrise that travels so far across the whole horizon across the whole world. And I wonder if I’ll travel with them.I lift my homemade mug and a swig of hot black coffee erupts over my tongue. I’m in a hurry this morning, meh, I hate hurrying.As I step outside,The grass beneath my pink sneakers is wet.A old rusted windmill sways and cries its song.Maybe I can travel with the wind.Someday.

Published by Maggie Kuhn

Roman Catholic TBI survivor, florist, ebook author, inspired to encourage others through my writing. -Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars.

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