Squats, lifts and more.

So another goal has surfaced in my thoughts. In fact, it’s a quite common goal. Getting fit. Now you may assume that this would be for cosmetic purposes, etc. But my goal of getting “fit” stems much farther than that.

To overcome my muscles.

No matter how blunt that may sound it is 100% to the point.

I have a dystonia in one of my legs which makes it harder for that leg to strengthen. And weird enough but you would think the dystonia would just effect my effect my leg. Well actually it effects my foot as well as my brain! No kidding, is that not the weirdest thing. It’s a neurological condition.

So, yes, if you look closely, I mean closely, you can see the difference in muscles with my legs.

Now, does this dystonia bother me? No, absolutely not. In fact it poses a problem that clearly isn’t going away. So it presents me with a challenge. And I revel in challenges… let me rephrase, I revel in challenges against overcoming myself. I’m not a competitive person.

I’m not generally a sad person either. But sometimes I get to reflecting on my condition and that makes me incredibly sad.

According to scielo.dr, “Dystonia is applied to abnormal tension resulting in abnormal postures present in many disorders.”

That I will take to the grave a blessing and a curse.

Ok, enough about that, its morbid and honestly just make me sadder.

Focusing on goals! Squats, lifting, and brain improvement! Hurrah.

So my goal for today is to do at least 100 squats, two guided XHIT workouts with my favorite coach, Rebecca Louise, and I’m finishing at least 4 chapters of my book, For Whom the Bell Tolls, brain exercise is important too!

I’m also super excited to be on Duolingo practicing languages. I’m currently learning Portuguese and bits of Gaelic.

Therefore, no matter what the dys-function is wrong with you you can overcome!

I am so grateful that I can still walk and move and even grateful for my dystonia as it has proven a blessing and a curse. It has made me stronger in mind because of the difficulty its given me. It’s made me more courageous. Its given me tons of hope to overcome myself physically and mentally.

I love this quote by Emily Dickinson, which I think describes it best,

Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul – and sings the tunes without the words – and never stops at all.

-Emily Dickinson

Courage, brave heart!

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