Time on Thursday

As I breathed in wafts of hot espresso overcame me.

Gingerly stepping into the bustling coffee shop I clocked in and began a day, full of, well… espresso and pizza.

All day was pretty busy which is really good of course. Not very many espresso drinks today but a lot of smoothies. Curiously enough.

A man came in with rather large feet and whiskers liken’t to of Samuel Clemmons. He even had a vest and a pocket watch. Quite a good-natured chap.

In that description I think there was quite a bit of my imagination but tah, what fun is it to not have an active imagination.

I was so elated to see that the magazine my article is featured in was on the counter! No one noticed but still it is quite an achievement for me to have my article on the coffee shops counter even if no one notices it.

So I am happy 🙂

And just for giggles I read it. Even though I wrote every word it gives you a great satisfaction to see it in print.

Even more exciting I can use that article in my journalism portfolio. Which will be quite an addendum.

Then, maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to achieve a bachelors degree and become an editor, correspondent, or staff writer. Oh what a lark that’d be the day!

Ha, well Rome wasn’t built in a day.

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