Drying Herbs for Humility

Hello, my friends, Sunfat at last whew! Let me tell you it’s quite nice for this refresher.I’ve been relaxing today. Which is quite nice. I jumped into a book called The Inner Castle. It’s by St. Theresa of Avila. I’m not sure I like the translation but we’ll see. I find myself becoming a little pickier about book authors.As you can see above I have been drying herbs! I’m so excited about this as I will be making teas. Lambs Quarters, as seen above helps to tone and tighten. Aside from helping with stomach aches, diarrhea and loss of appetite.I was extremely excited when I discovered these beauties in my garden as the leaves covered with dew almost looked ethereal.I think its amazing to ponder how herbs were used medicinally when our conventional pharmaceuticals were not available.So my plan for tonight is to enjoy lambs ear tea! Nature provides her goodness :)Hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday.Cheers!

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