Matthew 9:9-13; Desiring mercy

In today’s Gospel, Matthew 9:9-13, we are at Jesus’s knee eating with tax collectors and sinners. He eats with them and the Pharisees question his apostles, asking why he should eat with sinners. Jesus overhears this and says,

Those who are well do not need a physician, but the sick do.
Go and learn the meaning of the words,
I desire mercy, not sacrifice.
I did not come for the righteous but sinners.

So Jesus comes for all of us, sinners. All we have to do is open our hearts and eyes to his miracles. He is calling you and me to step out of our comfort zones and create our own extravagant life.

Today, is the feast of St. Matthew the Apostle. St. Matthew was a Roman tax collector. Roman tax collectors collected Rome’s taxes, which were quite high, and kept half the profits, by trade. Jews considered tax collectors as traitors and thieves, and rightly so. In fact, the Talmud, [the body of Jewish civil and ceremonial law and legend], classified tax collectors as robbers and murderers. Matthew preached among the Jews for 15 years that the anticipated Messiah had come in the person of Jesus.

So the readings fulfill a great message that we all need mercy

This implies the question, what is mercy?

Merriam-Webster defines mercy,
1. Compassion or forbearance shown especially to an offender.
2. A blessing that is an act of divine favor or compassion.

God’s mercy is unexhaustive, goes on forever.
God’s activity, manifests mercy, on behalf of his people, to free them from slavery.

It may seem overwhelming sometime or perhaps like you’re trapped as a sinner doomed for nowhere good. I used to think that way, too. Living life as if everything was against you and not being happy. It’s a struggle to look on the bright side, sometimes. In my perspective, the glass is always half full.

That is where I find the strength I need to seek mercy.

Something to reflect on. I hope your Saturday is as bright as mine.



Matthew 5:13-16; callings, expectations, trepidations

As I sip my morning coffee from a black take-home coffee cup I think about my morning passages. Matthew 5:13-16 is packed with wisdom and integrity of heart. God has blessed me recently, by giving me the courage to stand up for myself. And has blessed me profusely with the simple gifts of sunrises, housing, food, work, and sunsets… oh and good coffee 😉

This morning I read and meditated a bit on a passage from the book I’m reading, Faith Hope Love, by Josef Pieper. This book is changing my life and my perspective on how to live and love.

Love is a focus on the good and bad of a person. It’s fighting hard and loving hard. It doesn’t make any sense and makes all the sense in the world.

To love is to be human. Flawed and imperfect.

Living Joyfully

Let us come alive to the splendor that is all around us and see the beauty in ordinary things. – Thomas Merton 

The smell wafting from the oven roused me from my book as I quickly looked at the kitchen timer. The bread was done. As I lifted the pan out of the oven a fresh wisp of bread steam hit my face. Creating and baking things has always been a passion of mine. In my opinion elegance comes from simplicity. Like the old saying goes, “simplicity is elegance.”

As the loaf came out I popped on the kettle for my favorite ginger tea. I have come to enjoy tea more and more.

Since I had been in the kitchen most of the day a nice walk was just what I needed. So, stepping gingerly outside I began walking through the grass.The sun blazed over my arms and shoulders thankfully I wore a hat. My camo hunters hat… I don’t hunt.
As I reached the field I saw a group of wildflowers nestled in bunches of white and mustard colors. The flowers are in a beautiful bouquet on my kitchen table.

For dinner, I baked a spaghetti squash with marinara sauce inside. Like a vegetarian spaghetti of sorts, though I am in no means a vegetarian.

Spaghetti Squash

As I sip hot tea now, I contemplate on the beauty of a day lived in simplicity.

Thank God, he is so charitable to give us this life abundant with everything we need.

Well friends, thats all for now. Let’s live boldy this beautiful life.


The Revisiting of Old Friendships and Pecan Pancakes

To rekindle with a friend from long ago is such a blessing.

This morning I awoke to the sun streaming in my window. Kind of a shock when your so used to waking before the sun. But all in all I feel very blessed today. I visited the church which I unfortunately missed mass this morning due to changing mass times.

This morning being Sunday and since I’m trying to up my protein intake I made pecan brown sugar pancakes.


I used a recipe I found online from a food blog yummy recipes

However, I took some liberties with the recipe including adding brown sugar and replacing the milk with water and adding pecans as a topping. It turned out pleasantly sweet with a nutty finish.

And I was so delighted to enjoy fresh plums that my dad gave me! I ate two today. Absolutely delicious!

With pecan pancakes, plums, biking, church, and coffee for the Sabbath feast who could be unhappy?

God is good!


Airing out your House

With my camo ball cap pulled over my bun, I spray the Ozium deodorizer in my room I make for the exit. 30 minutes later I return to clean fresh air.

This reminds me of patience some things in life take time. And some things require prudent decision making. Airing out decisions. Like relationships take time and reflection when jumping into a new one.

The pinnacle of any relationship I find now, is relating to the same thing. If you can’t relate to the same things or understand each others decisions then the relationship is bound for trouble. I’m by no means condoning relationships that don’t share this, just making an observation.

After every relationship you need to clean the air clean; your heart. This allows space for just the right someone to show up in your life. But in order to clean the air, as in with the deodorizer, you have to put away everything edible. Similar to putting away all those memories you’ve made before; like a romantic house cleaning for your heart.

Then wait.

Breathing clean air is important for your heart. Clean everything and pray for the perfect match.

He’s out there.

God Bless,


White Pumpkins and Sipping Gunpowder Tea

I sit drinking a steaming cup of Gunpowder green tea, reflecting on life’s stupendous way of confusing and closing relationships. Reflecting on my childhood and the way it’s shaped my life. The way I’ve grown up and developed as a Child of God. How I am so close to something great yet so far away? In the state of status viatoris. The inherent “not yet.”

My relationships with others are changing as I grow older. People drift in and out of our lives like clouds. But some people are like the sun or moon, always returning. That’s what we’re all looking for in this world somebody to be our sun or moon.

So, my current relationship status is committed and true. My sun and my moon, forever. I don’t have to worry about him leaving me or not forgiving me in my deepest sin. I read his love story and learn from his Book. He has uncovered new worlds for me and opened my eyes to wonderful things. He is my beginning and my ending.

I’ve been reading a book by Rick Warren called The Purpose Driven Life. He relates our life here in this world similar to having a green card. Our life on this Earth is like having a green card. Such a succinct and powerful comparison really makes you think about how you spend your time. The gravity of how everything affects your salvation. It’s really incredible and eye-opening to think about.

I was watching, In Plain Sight, last night and a comment that Raphael said to Mary, that really stuck out to me.

He says:

“Life isn’t short. It’s long and honestly, I don’t know if you love me enough to make this work.”

I think human relationships are like that. Love is soooo powerful and loving someone for life is a challenge in many ways than one. And is it not coincidental that his names Raphael like the Angel. My favorite Guardian Angel, in fact.

In the book, Faith Hope Love, by Josef Pieper, I’m reading, it reflects on love. He reflects that the common element of all the forms of love: approval.

Thomas Aquinas says,

We cannot help desiring felicity.

Another line from Josef Pieper’s book,

Perfection always means transformation as well. Fire as the symbol of love.

So patience, always, is required to love.

The clouds are moving fast today the weather’s changing.

Adieu, for now, my friends!

Pursue what is good and love always.


Work Day Workout

This morning I got up and said my reflections before daybreak. Sipping my coffee watching the rising sun I thought what a beautiful day! Thank God. He makes my days easy. And keeps my nights holy rest.

After my morning reflection and reading I did my workouts. Which made my day go so much better and less painful.

I had coffee and a late breakfast with one of my dear friends who truly is quite enjoyable company!

My workday was amazing I ran the cashier which is digital and a little tricky to figure out but I’m getting it. I love my work! Serving others is a true blessing.

After work I stopped by the church on my walk home. It was locked but the grotto is a beautiful place to pray as well.

Then three more blocks home and a hungry stomach. Quick to fix. I heated up my cast iron and fixed a chicken rice pepper stirfry a great healthy lunch with a fresh banana. Mmmm.

My life is changing for Christ. I’m working on improving spiritually in my current vocation of singleness. Preparing my heart for my maker and hopefully eventually a spouse. But we’ll see. Time has a way of making decisions.

And God will determine my path.