Matthew 5:13-16; callings, expectations, trepidations

As I sip my morning coffee from a black take-home coffee cup I think about my morning passages. Matthew 5:13-16 is packed with wisdom and integrity of heart. God has blessed me recently, by giving me the courage to stand up for myself. And has blessed me profusely with the simple gifts of sunrises, housing, food, work, and sunsets… oh and good coffee 😉

This morning I read and meditated a bit on a passage from the book I’m reading, Faith Hope Love, by Josef Pieper. This book is changing my life and my perspective on how to live and love.

Love is a focus on the good and bad of a person. It’s fighting hard and loving hard. It doesn’t make any sense and makes all the sense in the world.

To love is to be human. Flawed and imperfect.