Fight the New Drug

I recently read an article online that horrified me.
As I sat with my fresh brewed Columbian coffee in hand I sat and cried.

The article was about Pornhub’s promoting Premium service to users starting in Italy, Spain, France then going to Canada and even the United States. The company commented that during this crisis the sites statistics,

“clearly illustrate that people all over Europe were happy to have distractions while quarantined at home.”

Porn watching is quickly transitioning into rape, abuse, and sexual exploitation, and even TRAFFICKING! It MUST be stopped. This is an exploitation on humanity and must be stopped for the good of our society. It is a triggered by despair, lack of pride, and a disillusion that “this simple fix” will be the mental release. This is not the release men, but a horrible exploitation of all the is good, unique and alive in a person.

Porn is the destruction of society. Porn strips away all human dignity. It is the base of animalistic ways. We are, hominum (humans) not animals.

Here are some current articles by:

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Please contact this agency for help. This is not just a stupid little habit its repercussions are much bigger. 


SAMHSA National Helpline
Confidential free help, from public health agencies, to find substance use treatment and information.

Find treatment near you



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