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Since I was a child I’ve enjoyed art especially, drawing. I first drew the illustrations for my children book at age seven. It was a great time, I enjoy sketching birds, houses, trees, bodies of water, and farm animals. It is a beautiful thing to draw. Drawing lines, connecting lines into a beautiful picture. It’s really quite fascinating.

I also greatly enjoy watercolors. Especially watercolors that involve nature. I love how the colors in a watercolor fade into each other. It makes me think of sand on a beach just fading into the water.

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This specific painting I attribute to my grandfather who fought in the Chosin Reservoir of 1950. A bloody and terrible war where, in fact, the commander abandoned his men. I’ve read that the UN forces, which included Americans, were outnumbered, 10 to 1. What a horrible and atrocious battle.

A canvas painted with a blooming poppy and a closed poppy in the dead of winter. Painting symbolizes The Chosin Few who fought bravely during the Battle of Chosin Reservoir Nov 26, 1950 – Dec 13, 1950. This commemorates my grandfathers brave fight as one of the surviving 385 soldiers.

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