National Ice cream Day!

Did you know that July 19th is national ice cream day? I actually found that out. Funny enough I had frozen yogurt for lunch today not even thinking about the “holiday” I had missed. Haha, seems like they’ve come up with a holiday for just about everything.

That’s actually something that bothers me a bit.

The fact that every little thing has a day of celebration. I think that that is irrelevant to the holidays that are actually matter, no offense “cake day” or pie day” “cat day” fans.

The word holiday, in fact, is a word that originally came from the Old English word “haliday”. Which combined two words translated holy + day.

Pie and cake are not worthy of a holiday and I think just the fact of giving them a national day is not only irreverent but also somewhat of an objectifying approach for our country to take. Especially, when the United States motto is, “In God we Trust.”

Well you’ve heard my two cents on the matter.

Of course, those are just examples “pie day”, “cake day”, and “cat day” but I do think what I’m writing has some value. Well, I suppose this is a rather trivial argument. 

I do think though that it is a regional thing. Different locals place higher status on different things so I guess that’s what it boils down to—regional importance.

Well that’s what I’ve been thinking about on the matter. 

So, I’m curious friends. What do you think about giving ordinary things holidays? Are you for it or against it? If you could name a holiday what would it be and what would it celebrate?

Take heart my good friends until next time! 🙂

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