Mediocre Moments and PB&J

As I sit and gaze out the window at the brick house across the street I ponder life’s great coffees… oohmpf! I mean moments. I’m thinking about how me, a farmer’s daughter ended up a thousand miles from home living a “city” life. Though I guess anyone in this city’d tell ya that this ain’tContinue reading “Mediocre Moments and PB&J”

Blasé Interview—-and Psychiatry

I slide my fingers lazily down my coffee cup as I sip chamomile tea. The box said stress relief and boy do I ever need that. [stress relief tea—-zzzz…] So, guess where I spent my “interview” day. At a darn psychiatry appointment four hours away from my interview. Boy, I’m telling you what a bummer.Continue reading “Blasé Interview—-and Psychiatry”

Omega 3 Peanut Butter and Mixed Oaxaca Coffee

So I woke in my somewhat stifled bedroom weary with thoughts of my upcoming interview today. Which, honestly is the biggest interview of my life. I’m deep down a bit terrified;if not visibly. But, as always, coffee helps everything. So complacently I stumbled into the kitchen for the coffee pot— Hello Mr. Coffee. The conventionalContinue reading “Omega 3 Peanut Butter and Mixed Oaxaca Coffee”

Fine Balance

I am striking a fine balance between dark strong coffee, rental applications and a morbid overload of homework. Speaking of which, I discovered this little roastery on a trip, recently. Very impressive coffee and a striking label!! So, life goes on in a new state. My relationships with my friends and “intended” are going alongContinue reading “Fine Balance”