Mediocre Moments and PB&J

As I sit and gaze out the window at the brick house across the street I ponder life’s great coffees… oohmpf! I mean moments. I’m thinking about how me, a farmer’s daughter ended up a thousand miles from home living a “city” life. Though I guess anyone in this city’d tell ya that this ain’t no city. Sure seems like it to me. I miss the country and true Kansas wind across the prairies. I woke up with that wind rolling across my bed reminding me of home.

Midnight Full Moon

Anyway, enough of that.

I’m nibbling PB&J and thinking of where in the world I’ll move next. Brazil? I guess there’s good coffee there. Hit up Rio for awhile and bask in the sun. That’s definitely not a consideration. I’m hoping to stay somewhere in the U.S. Maybe, just maybe, I could swing a house. I’d really like to live in a house. Houses are so much better than apartments.

What do you prefer? A house or an apartment.

Blasé Interview—-and Psychiatry

I slide my fingers lazily down my coffee cup as I sip chamomile tea. The box said stress relief and boy do I ever need that.

Chamomile Tea

[stress relief tea—-zzzz…]

So, guess where I spent my “interview” day.

At a darn psychiatry appointment four hours away from my interview. Boy, I’m telling you what a bummer. I have to go get a neurosurgical check done on my vp shunt that if it malfunctions could kill me, and because of this I don’t get the job.

Well, I just have to say… Blaremey!

Positively, however, my psych appointment went really well and my shunt is decidedly not malfunctioning. Hurrah!

Anyway, there are lots of jobs to be had. I’m just a little upset and miffed about missing that one.

Have you tried getting a job without a license?

Let me tell you its not an easy task to get a decent job without a license that doesn’t require you to stand long hours.

But despite the whole stress of not having a new location to live, not having a job, and not having a car, things are going quite well in my life.

I have a loving boyfriend who has helped me tremendously during my cross country move and during my months of unemployment. He’s been encouraging and such a dear!

I also have a new incredible bf/roommate who I’ve been a copilot to as we’ve binged rom-coms with a tub of ice cream… Ice cream?, daiquiris? Sometimes both, haha.
The blessings I’ve received in moving 1000 miles away from home are so abundant. Even the things that make me mad I’m glad I’m experiencing because without them I would not be the person I am today.

Every bad situation has a bit of light in it. That is the challenge of life to seek to find the light in a world of dark.

Be a light!

“You are a light of the world!”
-Matthew 5:14

Omega 3 Peanut Butter and Mixed Oaxaca Coffee

So I woke in my somewhat stifled bedroom weary with thoughts of my upcoming interview today. Which, honestly is the biggest interview of my life. I’m deep down a bit terrified;if not visibly. But, as always, coffee helps everything. So complacently I stumbled into the kitchen for the coffee pot— Hello Mr. Coffee. The conventional drip option never failing. Lol.

So, this morning I had my coffee from Mexico. Quite a bright and earthy flavor; somewhat reminiscent of elderflower. And perfect because it’s somewhat local and that farm girl in me is a proud supporter of independent businesses. Hmm. Can describing coffee be a side gig? I would totally be on that job application like a drunk on free peanuts.

Breakfast is always an interesting decision for me because breakfast is by far… has been by far, the most important and a somewhat lavish meal for me. My appeal for breakfast began when I first realized how delicious “pealed” bananas were.

Anyway, hope you’re still there. I’m quite the punster.

Well, indeed I decided on Quaker Oats and a dollop of peanut butter. And not just your run-of-the-mill peanut butter but the OMEGA-3 peanut butter. Which I was quite excited to see was on sale at Kroger. So I’m hoping that will help my brain and etc. I’ve also began listening to subliminal messages that I found on Youtube for brain power. Which, Lord knows I need a leg up on.

So please be thinking of me and my upcoming interview…. 5 MINUTES!! Eeek!

God Bless.


Fine Balance

I am striking a fine balance between dark strong coffee, rental applications and a morbid overload of homework.

Speaking of which, I discovered this little roastery on a trip, recently. Very impressive coffee and a striking label!!

So, life goes on in a new state. My relationships with my friends and “intended” are going along swimmingly. I’ve been doing a lot of adventuring, on foot, goodness the mountains to this Kansas girl are stunning, when really they’re not mountains at all but hills.

Also, I went on an Airbnb trip with a friend last weekend that was absolutely incredible…. better word here might be “cut and dried” Bahahaha!

The Airbnb come to find out was in a cute little cabin, which reminded us of Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingall’s Wilder. Great book. Anyway, don’t let me wander off on some wild tangent. Back to the story.

The Airbnb was super cute from the outside. But warning, there was no plumbing or beds. There was a single person cot, but it was in the attic which you could only get to by climbing a ladder. Honestly, to me it was a perfect gem! I loved the “primitive accommodations.” I know a lot of people don’t really go for that but it certainly struck a chord with me.

It was such a hilarious rollicking good time!

So, as I keep my fine balance between work and play I am so blessed and grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given to do and achieve all this. The opportunity of life is such a blessing!