Fine Balance

I am striking a fine balance between dark strong coffee, rental applications and a morbid overload of homework.

Speaking of which, I discovered this little roastery on a trip, recently. Very impressive coffee and a striking label!!

So, life goes on in a new state. My relationships with my friends and “intended” are going along swimmingly. I’ve been doing a lot of adventuring, on foot, goodness the mountains to this Kansas girl are stunning, when really they’re not mountains at all but hills.

Also, I went on an Airbnb trip with a friend last weekend that was absolutely incredible…. better word here might be “cut and dried” Bahahaha!

The Airbnb come to find out was in a cute little cabin, which reminded us of Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingall’s Wilder. Great book. Anyway, don’t let me wander off on some wild tangent. Back to the story.

The Airbnb was super cute from the outside. But warning, there was no plumbing or beds. There was a single person cot, but it was in the attic which you could only get to by climbing a ladder. Honestly, to me it was a perfect gem! I loved the “primitive accommodations.” I know a lot of people don’t really go for that but it certainly struck a chord with me.

It was such a hilarious rollicking good time!

So, as I keep my fine balance between work and play I am so blessed and grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given to do and achieve all this. The opportunity of life is such a blessing!

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