Omega 3 Peanut Butter and Mixed Oaxaca Coffee

So I woke in my somewhat stifled bedroom weary with thoughts of my upcoming interview today. Which, honestly is the biggest interview of my life. I’m deep down a bit terrified;if not visibly. But, as always, coffee helps everything. So complacently I stumbled into the kitchen for the coffee pot— Hello Mr. Coffee. The conventional drip option never failing. Lol.

So, this morning I had my coffee from Mexico. Quite a bright and earthy flavor; somewhat reminiscent of elderflower. And perfect because it’s somewhat local and that farm girl in me is a proud supporter of independent businesses. Hmm. Can describing coffee be a side gig? I would totally be on that job application like a drunk on free peanuts.

Breakfast is always an interesting decision for me because breakfast is by far… has been by far, the most important and a somewhat lavish meal for me. My appeal for breakfast began when I first realized how delicious “pealed” bananas were.

Anyway, hope you’re still there. I’m quite the punster.

Well, indeed I decided on Quaker Oats and a dollop of peanut butter. And not just your run-of-the-mill peanut butter but the OMEGA-3 peanut butter. Which I was quite excited to see was on sale at Kroger. So I’m hoping that will help my brain and etc. I’ve also began listening to subliminal messages that I found on Youtube for brain power. Which, Lord knows I need a leg up on.

So please be thinking of me and my upcoming interview…. 5 MINUTES!! Eeek!

God Bless.


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