Mediocre Moments and PB&J

As I sit and gaze out the window at the brick house across the street I ponder life’s great coffees… oohmpf! I mean moments. I’m thinking about how me, a farmer’s daughter ended up a thousand miles from home living a “city” life. Though I guess anyone in this city’d tell ya that this ain’t no city. Sure seems like it to me. I miss the country and true Kansas wind across the prairies. I woke up with that wind rolling across my bed reminding me of home.

Midnight Full Moon

Anyway, enough of that.

I’m nibbling PB&J and thinking of where in the world I’ll move next. Brazil? I guess there’s good coffee there. Hit up Rio for awhile and bask in the sun. That’s definitely not a consideration. I’m hoping to stay somewhere in the U.S. Maybe, just maybe, I could swing a house. I’d really like to live in a house. Houses are so much better than apartments.

What do you prefer? A house or an apartment.

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